Hydra Proxy: Key Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

Hydra Proxy

Hydra Proxy is a highly reputable residential proxy service in the current market, boasting over 5 million residential proxies worldwide. Notably, when you use Hydra Proxy’s services, you won’t have to worry about monthly fees or additional charges. To gain a better understanding of this service, please take a moment to read the following article.

What is Hydra Proxy?

Hydra Proxy is a residential and mobile proxy rental service that offers precise cost control. With this service, you are not obligated to select a monthly service plan. Instead, you have the flexibility to choose service packages based on your specific needs, either by the day or by bandwidth usage. 

Hydra Proxy

This flexibility is particularly suitable for users who do not require a long-term commitment. Furthermore, Hydra Proxy does not impose any minimum order requirements or hidden fees associated with its services.

Currently, this service boasts over 5 million residential proxy IPs spanning more than 100 countries worldwide. Furthermore, all mobile proxies are optimized for 4G networks and offer unlimited bandwidth.

Key Features of Hydra Proxy

To provide you with a better understanding, let’s delve into the standout features of Hydra Proxy.

Cost-Effective Construction

Many users find Hydra Proxy’s pricing to be reasonable and convenient. Unlike other proxy services that often require users to commit to a full month, Hydra Proxy offers more flexibility. Users can opt for shorter-duration packages, such as 3 days or 7 days, which is not a common feature among other proxy providers.

A Vast Residential Proxy IP Pool

Hydra Proxy currently boasts an impressive pool of over 5 million residential proxy IP addresses, distributed across more than 100 countries. These IP addresses are sourced from major internet carriers, ensuring your online activities remain anonymous and secure in the digital realm. Additionally, this extensive residential proxy network provides you with a wide range of options to select the most suitable proxy server for your needs.

Hydra Proxy

Global Website Accessibility

Hydra Proxy grants you access to a multitude of websites globally, spanning e-commerce platforms, social networks, streaming services, and more.

Flexible IP Port Options

Moreover, Hydra Proxy supports both sticky and rotating IP ports. Sticky IP ports enable users to use the same IP port for all their connections, while rotating IP ports allow users to utilize different IP ports for each connection.

Granular Control for Precise Proxy Management

Hydra Proxy provides users with granular control, enabling them to manage specific proxy features according to their preferences. Users have the flexibility to choose proxy types (residential or mobile), select their desired country, city, and even IP port.

Enhanced Privacy with Free Anti-Fingerprinting Software

Hydra Proxy goes the extra mile in safeguarding users’ privacy by offering complimentary browser anti-fingerprinting software. This feature prevents websites from tracking users, ensuring a more secure online experience.

Flexible Short-Term Service Packages

As mentioned earlier, Hydra Proxy offers a range of short-term service packages to cater to diverse needs. In addition to the standard monthly plans, users can opt for daily, 3-day, or 7-day plans for mobile proxy services. 

Hydra Proxy

Residential proxy packages come with various bandwidth options, ranging from 1GB to 50GB. This flexible pricing structure is particularly advantageous for those who want to test the service before committing to a monthly package.

No Hidden Fees and No Minimum Orders

Hydra Proxy takes transparency seriously, with a policy that includes no minimum order requirements and absolutely no hidden fees. This commitment to transparency makes the service accessible and straightforward for users.

Products and Pricing

Below are the three main products offered by Hydra Proxy, along with their respective prices

Residential Proxies

Hydra Proxy offers residential proxies that are located in private homes and businesses, provided by major carriers. They have a vast pool of over 5 million residential proxy IP addresses available in more than 100 countries.

Users can select IPs based on their desired country, and there is no minimum pricing commitment or subscription fee. Additionally, users have access to a network of over 5 million residential IPs, not just individual proxies. 

Hydra Proxy

Here is the reference price list for the services provided by Hydra Proxy.

  • Daily package: 0.5 USD/day
  • 3-day package: 1.5 USD/3 days
  • 7-day package: 3 USD/7 days
  • Monthly package: 22 USD/month
  • 3-month package: 66 USD/3 months
  • 6-month package: 129 USD/6 months
  • Yearly plan: 228 USD/year

US 4G Mobile Proxies

US 4G mobile proxy is a proxy IP rental service for 4G mobile networks provided by major carriers and divided by state geography in the United States. In line with Hydra Proxy’s commitment, all IPs are guaranteed to be clean and undetectable, with a Spam or fraud rate of 0%.

Hydra Proxy
Us 4G Mobile Proxy Is A Proxy Ip Rental Service That Is Categorized Based On State Geography Within The United States.

When utilizing this service, you can flexibly choose the payment term according to your needs, whether it be for 1, 3, 7 days, or 30 days. You also have the option of using the same IP port for all your connections or utilizing different rotating IP ports for each connection, depending on your specific requirements. Furthermore, the service does not impose any monthly order minimums or hidden fees. 

Hydra Proxy

Below is the reference price list for this service.

  • Daily package: 0.5 USD/day
  • 3-day package: 1.5 USD/3 days
  • 7-day package: 3 USD/7 days
  • Monthly package: 22 USD/month
  • 3-month package: 66 USD/3 months
  • 6-month package: 129 USD/6 months
  • Yearly plan: 228 USD/year

Mobile Static Proxies

Mobile Static Proxies from Hydra Proxy is a service that offers static proxy IPs for mobile networks, provided by major carriers and geo-targeted at the city level in over 100 countries. 

This service boasts exceptional features, including high speed and stability, an extensive range of IP addresses (over 1 million mobile static proxy IPs), and no minimum monthly order requirement. Similar to the two services mentioned above, you can also choose your payment plan based on your needs, whether it’s for 1, 3, 7 days, or 30 days with this service. 

Hydra Proxy

Hydra Proxy offers Mobile Static proxies at the following prices:

  • Daily package: 3 USD/day
  • 3-day package: 9 USD/3 days
  • 7-day package: 15 USD/7 days
  • Monthly package: 45 USD/month
  • 3-month package: 135 USD/3 months
  • 6-month package: 270 USD/6 months
  • Yearly package: 540 USD/year

Hydra Proxy’s Extra Features

In addition, Hydra Proxy offers several additional features for an additional fee:

  • Anti-fingerprint software for your browser: 10 USD/month
  • Enhanced speed options: 10 USD/month.
  • API access: 10 USD/month

Prospects and Consequences

Here are some pros and cons of Hydra Proxy


  • Unlimited bandwidth for mobile proxies.
  • Flexible service plans, with daily package options available.
  • Over 5 million residents and 200 thousand mobile proxies at your disposal.


  • Higher latency.
  • Limited bandwidth for residential proxies.

In addition to the Hydra Proxy service, you can also explore our proxy rental service at GetNada. Currently, we offer proxy service packages similar to those of Hydra Proxy, with various payment levels to suit your needs. Furthermore, all of GetNada’s proxies provide stable connectivity, fast access speeds, high security, and extremely competitive pricing.

What are the benefits of using Hydra Proxy?

Hydra Proxy offers a number of benefits, including:
- Anonymity and privacy: Hydra Proxy hides your real IP address, making it difficult for websites to track your activity.
- Access to blocked websites: Hydra Proxy can be used to access websites that are blocked in your region.
- Increased speed and reliability: Hydra Proxy can help to improve your internet speed and reliability.
- Multiple features: Hydra Proxy offers a variety of features, such as rotating IP addresses, port selection, and location targeting.

What protocols does Hydra Proxy support?

Hydra Proxy supports several protocols, including HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2, HTTPS, and SOCKS5. Additionally, it offers support for custom protocols, which can be configured to access specific websites or services.

Does Hydra Proxy offer a refund policy?

Yes, Hydra Proxy offers a refund policy within 3 days of purchase. To request a refund, you need to send an email to Hydra Proxy's customer support and provide details about your order.

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