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Gmailnator or Emailnator is Temporary Email 10 minutes service. Are you looking for a temporary email service with a reputable email extension? Do you need to register to access an online service but don’t want to use your personal email address? Are you looking to test an application or website with the option to sign up for email notifications? All of these problems can be solved with Gmailnator’s virtual mail service. Let’s immediately explore detailed information in the following content

What is Gmailnator?

Emailnator, or Gmailnator and Smartnator, all refer to services that provide free temporary email addresses for short-term use. This service is also known by other names such as “10-minute mail,” “temp mail,” “disposable mail,” “throwaway mail,” or fake email, among others.


Compared to some other temporary email services in cyberspace, Gmailnator’s key distinction is that the temporary email addresses created by this service will have the email suffix 

This is a significant benefit because most contemporary online service providers, such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, and others, recognize the drawbacks associated with virtual email addresses. The reason for this recognition is that many temporary email providers often use their own domain names to generate various types of virtual mail.

Therefore, online services often only permit users to register accounts with reputable email addresses such as or By using a temporary email address provided by Gmailnator, you can avoid the issue of your account registration being blocked by the aforementioned services. In particular, the website only uses REAL Gmail addresses to maintain the security foundation of any website. 

Purpose of Using Gmailnator

Currently, most users choose to use Gmailnator Temp Mail service for the following purposes:

  • Creating multiple accounts to experience services like Shopee, Netflix, Spotify, Amazon…
  • Avoiding spam and advertisements in their primary email.
  • Anonymizing personal information.
  • Chatting with new friends online.
  • Safeguarding their personal email against suspicious websites or online scam services.
  • Testing their websites and applications.

Outstanding Features of Gmailnator

When discussing the standout features of Emailnator (Gmailnator), we can highlight the following strengths

Creating a Gmail Account Requires No Registration.

Unlike the traditional method of creating a new Gmail account, which may take a few minutes to complete the registration process, Gmailnator allows you to create a Gmail account in just seconds without the need to provide any personal information. This feature is particularly valuable for safeguarding your privacy, especially when testing and developing apps or websites that require email notifications and inbox monitoring.



By enabling account registration without the need for personal information, Gmailnator helps users maintain anonymity when using online services that require email-based account registration.

Create Multiple Gmail Aliases

According to Google’s policy, each individual is allowed to create a maximum of three Gmail accounts. However, with Gmailnator’s “Disposable Email Addresses” feature, you can create additional temporary Gmail accounts and use them to sign up for various services, providing added flexibility.

Automatic Message Deletion

Gmailnator, Gmail’s trusted Temp Mail service, automatically deletes emails within 24 hours but retains a backup of all emails for seven days. This feature helps users avoid spam messages and unwanted advertising information while also allowing them to save essential emails.

Spam Filter

Bid farewell to the clutter of spam emails in your inbox. Gmailnator comes equipped with a robust spam filter that effectively blocks unwanted messages.

Compatibility With Most Websites

Many major corporations and popular social networks, such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Netflix, typically do not permit the use of temporary email services during the registration process, as these emails are often flagged as spam, hindering the registration process. When using Gmailnator, your Gmail address is genuine, eliminating the risk of being tagged as spam, and allowing you to use it seamlessly on any website.

Guide on How to Use Gmailnator

To successfully create a free Gmail account on Emailnator, you can follow these 4 simple steps:

Step 1. Create a Temporary Gmail Address

Visit the Emailnator website:, you will be provided with a temporary Gmail address. However, if you prefer a different Gmail address, you can click “Generate New” to get another email address that suits your wishes. Then, you click the ‘Go!’ button to access your mailbox.

EmailnatorNote: Currently, Emailnator only provides Gmail usernames in the form of connected dots or plus signs (though rest assured, this Gmail value is equivalent to Gmail without dots or hyphens).

Step 2. Copy the Temporary Gmail Address

In your Mailbox, copy the temporary Gmail address provided to you, and then paste it into the website or online application where you need to provide your email information.


Step 3. Utilize the Temporary Email Address

At the top of your inbox, you copy the temporary Gmail address and paste it into the website or online application where you need to provide your email information.

If you wish to receive incoming mail, you can test it by returning to the Emailnator page and selecting “Customize Gmail Address”, then pasting your temporary Gmail address so you can see your inbox.


Step 4. Archive and Manage Emails

Emailnator automatically deletes emails after 24 hours, but it also offers a 7-day email archiving feature. If you need to archive important emails, you can utilize this feature. Simply select specific emails and save them.

Once you’ve finished using the temporary email address and no longer require it, you can simply log out without worrying about exposing your official email address. This helps safeguard your online privacy and prevents spam from infiltrating your primary mailbox.

Other Temporary Gmail Creation Features

In addition to the Disposable Email Address feature, Emailnator offers two additional features for creating temporary Gmail accounts:

  • 10 Minute Mail: This service allows you to create temporary email addresses that are valid for only 10 minutes.
  • Bulk Mails: This feature enables you to generate batches of temporary emails, ranging from 100 emails to 1000 emails, with just one registration.

The way to use these features is also quite straightforward, similar to using the Disposable Email Address. 

What is Emailnator and what services does it provide?

Emailnator is a service that offers disposable email addresses. It provides users with temporary email addresses for short-term use, helping them protect their primary email from spam, advertisements, and unwanted messages. Additionally, Emailnator offers services like 10 Minute Mail and Bulk Mails for creating temporary Gmail accounts and managing emails.

How long are my messages kept in the mailbox?

Emailnator retains your messages for a period of 24 hours and provides a 7-day backup of all email messages. If you need to recover your emails, please get in touch with us.

Are there any email domains available other than Google domains at Emailnator?

No, Emailnator exclusively offers Google email domains to ensure a convenient service for users, as Gmail addresses are widely accepted by most online websites

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