Guide to Setting Up A Private Proxy Using Wingate

Private proxy

Utilizing’s private proxy service can assist you in safeguarding your privacy and ensuring top-notch online security. In this article, we will explore what offers, delve into its features, and provide you with a step-by-step guide on setting up a private proxy using the Wingate platform.

About Private Proxy

Private Proxy is a powerful online platform renowned for providing high-quality Private Proxies, particularly in the Russian region. These Private Proxies offer users a secure, anonymous, and unrestricted browsing experience, protecting them from data collection while granting access to blocked websites.

Private proxy
Private proxy

Below are some of the benefits of using private proxies from

  • Enhanced security and privacy: Utilizing private proxies of can enhance users’ online privacy by concealing their true IP addresses from websites they visit.
  • Overcoming geographical barriers: With a private proxy, users can access content that might be restricted in their geographic locations.
  • Improved access performance: Private proxies from can enhance your internet connection’s performance by reducing latency and optimizing bandwidth

Features of Private Proxy

The following are some outstanding features of private proxy

Vast Proxy Pool

Private Proxy provides access to a broad and diverse proxy pool, comprising 7,000 to 15,000 IP addresses from various countries, including Russia, Ukraine, the USA, Germany, France, the UK, and several other European countries. This extensive distribution of proxy servers ensures that users have numerous options to meet their specific needs.

Regular Updates

The proxy pool of Private Proxy is regularly updated, typically every 2-3 hours. This frequent updating ensures that users have access to fresh and functional proxies without the need for manual intervention.

Custom Filtering

Users of Private Proxy have the ability to filter proxies based on various parameters such as country, proxy type (e.g., IPv4, SOCKS5), level of anonymity, uptime, and port. This allows for precise selection of proxies tailored to specific requirements.

Social Media Proxy

Private Proxy’s proxies are well-suited for social media activities. Whether you’re looking to increase likes, register accounts, or send messages on platforms like VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, these proxies can help you achieve your goals.

Supports Traffic Generation

Whether users are involved in banner advertising or affiliate programs, Private Proxy’s proxies are highly capable of handling various forms of traffic generation. These proxies can assist in tasks such as boosting website visits or promoting products and services.

Web Scraping Compatibility

Users who depend on applications such as ZennoPoster or A-Parser for web scraping, data extraction, or content generation will find’s private proxy service indispensable. These proxies assist users in bypassing restrictions and efficiently accessing data from websites

Anonymity and Security

Private Proxy’s private proxies act as intermediaries between your device and the websites you visit. They route your internet requests through their IP addresses, concealing your real identity and location. This ensures a higher level of online anonymity and security.

Diverse geographic coverage

With proxies from multiple countries, allows users to access content and services that might be geo-restricted. This is particularly useful for tasks that require access to region-specific websites or services.

Types of Private Proxy offers a variety of private proxy types, including.

Private Proxy – SOCKS4 Proxies

SOCKS4 proxies are a versatile choice for various online activities. They can handle tasks such as web browsing, file sharing, and online gaming. SOCKS4 proxies are known for their speed and efficiency.

SOCKS5 Proxies

SOCKS5 proxies offer enhanced features compared to SOCKS4. They support both TCP and UDP traffic, making them suitable for a broader range of applications. SOCKS5 proxies are often used for tasks that require high-performance proxies, including online streaming and torrenting.

Private Proxy – IPv4 proxies

IPv4 proxies are based on the IPv4 protocol and provide a stable and reliable option for internet-related tasks. They are compatible with most websites and services on the internet and are known for their widespread usability.

Mix SOCKS5 and IPv4 Proxies

This option combines the features of SOCKS5 and IPv4 proxies, offering users a versatile solution. With a mix of these proxies, users can choose the most appropriate type for different tasks. Whether you need the speed of SOCKS5 or the compatibility of IPv4, this mixed option provides flexibility.

Guide to Buy a Private Proxy

To purchase a Private Proxy from, you need to follow these steps

Step 1. Choose Proxy Type

Visit the official website of and create a user account. After successfully registering and logging in, you can begin selecting the Private Proxy type that best suits your needs, such as SOCKS4, SOCKS5, IPv4, or others.

Private Proxy

Step 2. Select a Package

Browse through the available plans and select the one that best suits your needs by considering factors such as the number of proxies, their locations, and the duration of service.

Step 3. Add to Cart And Review Your Order

Click on your chosen package to add it to your cart. Then double-check that the items in your cart match your preferences for proxy type, quantity, location, and timing.” đúng ngữ pháp không

Step 4. Proceed to Checkout to Complete the Purchase

Click the “Proceed to Checkout” or a similar button to proceed with your purchase. Follow the instructions provided on the website to complete the payment process. Currently, when purchasing a Private Proxy, users have the option to choose from various payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrency.

Step 5. Confirmation and Setup

After a successful payment, you will receive a confirmation email from This email will contain instructions on how to set up and use your Private Proxy.

Guide to Setting Up a Private Proxy Using Wingate

This is proxy management software for Windows, providing users, including both home and business networks, with the ability to install and manage multiple proxy servers for various purposes. Currently, the application supports both HTTP(S) and Socks5 connection protocols integrated into the software.

Private Proxy

Setting up a private proxy with WinGate is remarkably simple, making it accessible for any user. To illustrate the process more effectively, here are detailed instructions on how to set up a proxy on the WinGate Proxy Server for Windows.

Step 1. Installation

To get started, you need to download the latest version of WinGate Proxy Server and proceed with the installation. During the installation, you will be prompted to enter an email address for administrative alerts.

Step 2. Post-Installation

Once the installation is complete, restart your PC. After logging back into Windows, you will find the WinGate icon in your notification area. Right-click the icon and select WinGate Management from the menu.

Private Proxy

This will open WinGate’s management console. The table displays the modules and components managed by the WinGate tool. However, because no configuration has been set up, the table content will be completely empty.

Step 3. Setup Initialization

Afterward, click on the localhost box to initiate the setup process. WinGate will commence loading modules and perform a license check. Once the license check is complete, WinGate will automatically restart and prompt you to provide a user database for user authentication and management, which is crucial for the software to operate correctly.

Private Proxy

Once you’ve made the appropriate selection, click Next

Private proxy

Subsequently, WinGate will request you to utilize an account belonging to the Administrators group. Choose the appropriate option and click OK.

Private proxy

Step 4. Configuring the Proxy

You’ll be greeted with a welcome page and a navigation menu on the left, which contains available configuration options. For now, let’s focus on setting up a proxy. To do so, select Services from the navigation menu. Right-click in the empty area on the right and choose Install service.

Private proxy

From the list, select WWW Proxy Service and click Next.

Private proxy

Give name your service and click Finish. Private proxy

The service properties window will appear. Navigate to the Bindings tab. Remove any active bindings and click Add

The service properties window will appear. Navigate to the Bindings tab. Remove any active bindings and click Add.

Choose Any External Adapter and click OK to save your configuration.

Private proxy

Step 5. Proxy Configuration

Now, proceed to the Connection tab. Check the box next to Connect via upstream proxy. Go to the IP dashboard to configure your proxies. Take note of the HTTP Proxy Host, Proxy Port, Proxy Username and Proxy Password from the private proxy IP you purchased, and then import this data into WinGate.

Once you’ve completed this step, click Apply to save your changes. All traffic from client devices will now be routed through the proxy each time they send a request to the internet. You can verify that everything is functioning correctly by visiting the link

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