Plain Proxies Review 2023: Proxy Types, Pricing, Features

Plain Proxy

Plain Proxies is a relatively new proxy service in the market. However, the advantage of this service lies in its high connection success rate, stable speed, and affordable pricing. If you’ve never heard of this proxy service, the following content will provide you with detailed information about Plain Proxies.

What Are Plain Proxies?

Plain Proxies is a relatively “young” proxy rental service. This company is officially headquartered in Germany and was established in 2022. According to their official website, Plain Proxies focuses on providing services such as IPv4 proxy rental, IPv6 proxy rental, and Serp API.

Plain Proxy

Regarding proxy servers, this service offers more than 100 proxy server locations in over 50 countries across Europe, Asia, America, and Oceania. The majority of their servers are located in European countries, which is reasonable given that the company was founded in Germany.

Despite its short time in operation, the company has gained popularity due to its high-quality services, especially among customers in European countries. Currently, on Trustpilot, Plain Proxies is rated for service quality with 4.4 stars.

Plain Proxy

Proxy Types Offered by Plain Proxies

Proxy Types Offered by Plain Proxies

Proxy Services

Plain Proxies provides proxy rental services. According to the information available on their official website, they offer two primary types of proxies: IPv4 proxies and IPv6 proxies.

Plain Proxy

Each type is further categorized as follows:

  • IPv4 Proxy Service: This includes residential IPv4 proxies and data center IPv4 proxies. However, please note that the IPv4 proxy service is currently in a testing phase, and detailed information and pricing for this service have not been officially announced.
  • IPv6 Proxy Service: As of now, Plain Proxies exclusively offers pricing information for residential IPv6 proxy plans. Data center IPv6 proxies are also in development, similar to the IPv4 proxies.

Free Web Proxy Service

In addition to their proxy rental services, Plain Proxies also provides a free web proxy service. This service acts as an intermediary server between your device and the target server. 

When you send a request from your computer to the target server, it first goes through the proxy server. The proxy server then forwards the request to the target server, and the response from the destination server is sent back to the proxy server before reaching your computer.

Plain Proxy

The main purpose of a web proxy is to act as a barrier between your device and the internet. It allows for tasks such as caching, filtering, and anonymization. You can use this service for various purposes, including:

  • Accessing websites that are blocked due to geographical censorship.
  • Accessing online platforms or social networks that offer different language versions than those available in your region, such as YouTube, Google, Twitter, or Facebook.
  • Browsing the web anonymously without revealing your real IP address to the destination website.

Using Plain Proxies’ web proxy is simple:

  • Step1: Go to the Resources section and click on Free Web Proxy

Plain Proxy

  • Step 2: Enter the keyword or website link you want to access.

Plain Proxy

  • Step 3: The Free Web Proxy will provide you with the results in just a few seconds.

Plain Proxy

Pricing Plans

Plain Proxies currently offers pricing for residential IPv6 proxy services. These proxies are IP-only and are provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). They are geographically located at the country or city level, which makes them ideal for effective public data collection.

All IPv6 residential proxies provided by Plain Proxies are rotating proxies, meaning they change IP addresses after a certain period. According to the service, their proxy sources are distributed across more than 100 different locations, all of which have real IP addresses and a high connection success rate.

Plain Proxy

You can choose from three different time frames to purchase a residential IPv6 proxy: 1 week, 1 month, or 1 year. Each plan offers varying levels of bandwidth usage and incentives. The starting price is €29/week for 250GB of bandwidth, approximately $30.77/week (based on the October 2023 exchange rate).

For larger business projects with higher or unlimited bandwidth requirements, you can opt for the Business Plan. However, to sign up for this plan, please contact Plain Proxies directly for a customized quote.

Outstanding Features of Plain Proxies

In terms of its outstanding features, Plain Proxies possesses the following strengths:

Stable Access Speed

Proxies provided by Plain Proxies are renowned for their high connection success rate and fast, stable web access speed, making them highly suitable for data collection tasks.

Detailed Contact Information

Unlike many other proxy providers, Plain Proxies provides comprehensive office contact information. Customers can directly submit feedback to:

  • Company Name: 3xK Tech GmbH
  • Office Address: Altenhofer Weg 21, 16244 Schorfheide, Germany

Verification Method

Plain Proxies supports verification via username and password, enhancing the privacy and security of your data.

GDPR Compliance

Plain Proxies is committed to using and processing personal data in compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring your peace of mind when using their proxy services.

Server Location Options

Although their official website may not provide country or location details, customers purchasing Plain Proxies’s services can still choose the city and country location specifically from their 100+ proxy server locations.

Free Trial

A notable advantage of this service is that they offer a free trial, allowing users to experience the service before committing. To sign up for a trial, you need to contact Plain Proxies via the email address provided on their official website.


The average price for a residential IPv6 proxy service plan is $30.77 per week. This is a relatively reasonable price for residential proxy service plans that provide a moderate number of proxies in popular locations.

Limitations of Plain Proxies

Despite its many advantages, this service also has some limitations, such as:

  • No Refund Policy: Plain Proxies does not support a refund policy for customers. Once you have purchased a proxy, you will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Limited Proxy Service: Currently, they only offer residential IPv6 proxy rental services.
  • Not Budget-Friendly: While the service’s pricing is generally reasonable, it may not be considered a budget-friendly proxy service. Additionally, the prices they offer do not include VAT.


In summary, Plain Proxies is a reputable proxy rental service known for its stable access speed, clear pricing, and privacy policy. However, their services are not diverse, and the prices are only acceptable. If you are in need of a provider that offers a wider range of IPv4 and IPv6 proxies, maintains good quality, and prioritizes cost-effectiveness, GetNada may be a better fit for you.

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