What is Nebula Proxy? Top Best 5 Free Website Proxies

Nebula Proxies

Nebula Proxy is one of the web proxies that many users use for anonymous web browsing on the internet. However, not everyone fully understands what web proxies are or how they work. This article aims to provide information about Nebula Proxy and recommend other free proxy websites with similar features.

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What is Nebula Proxy?

Nebula Proxy is an online proxy website provided for free to users on the internet. Essentially, it serves as an authorization server used to mediate access to websites on the internet.

This means that when you use this web proxy, access requests from your computer will not be sent directly to the server of the website you want to access. Instead, the information from your request will pass through Nebula Proxies proxy server. 

Nebula Proxy

Subsequently, this server will process the information and send the request back to the website’s server on your behalf. When the website returns content, this information will also traverse Nebula Proxy’s authorization server and then return the results to your computer.

Through the aforementioned operational method, Nebula Proxy will help you conceal your actual IP address while browsing the web, assisting you in avoiding being tracked and having data collected by websites or third parties, such as your workplace, school, or government agency. In addition, this web proxy also offers other features, including:

  • Supporting internet searches similar to Google.
  • Accessing websites or content that may be blocked due to location restrictions or internal networks, such as those at school or work.

Purpose of Using Nebula Proxy

Currently, Nebula Proxy is primarily utilized for the following purposes:

  • Anonymous web browsing, concealing your actual IP address.
  • Accessing websites that are blocked by internal networks within offices, companies, schools, and government agencies.
  • Network security testing (this purpose is mainly employed by network administrators).

How to Use Nebula Proxy

Using Nebula Proxy is extremely simple; you won’t need to install any software or go through complicated registration procedures. The process involves just five steps:

  • Step 1: Access the Nebula Proxy website at https://nebulaproxy.io/.
  • Step 2: On the web proxy page, you’ll find a text box labeled “Explore the web freely”.

Nebula Proxies

  • Step 3:Simply enter the content or URL of the website you want to access into this box and press “Enter”.

What is Nebula Proxy? Top Best 5 Free Website Proxies Nebula proxies 2

  • Step 4: Nebula Proxy will search for and return the requested information, which may take a few seconds.

Nebula Proxies

  • Step 5: When you’re done browsing the web and don’t want to use it anymore, just click to close the Nebula Proxy web window.

5 Free Web Proxies as Nebula Proxy Alternatives.

In addition to Nebula Proxy, you can also perform anonymous web browsing or access websites blocked due to internal network or location restrictions from the following 5 free web proxies.


4everproxy operates multiple VPN servers across 8 diverse locations, all secured with TLS encryption. Each time you visit a webpage, it assigns a unique IP address, safeguarding the privacy of your browser URL.

Nebula Proxies

You have the flexibility to choose your server’s location, and there’s even a Custom HTTP Proxy option that allows you to enter a custom proxy in the IP:PORT format. This setup routes all your traffic through 4everproxy’s servers in conjunction with the proxy you specify.

One of the key strengths of this web proxy is its provision of unlimited bandwidth and complete access to its VPN network across all plans. There are no restrictions on file sizes or proxy usage.


This free web proxy allows manual server switching and offers an extensive server network. It enables automatic server selection from the United States and the European Union or individual testing. 

Nebula Proxies

However, specific server locations are undisclosed. ProxySite is compatible with YouTube and provides direct proxy links to popular websites like Reddit and Twitter, making it an ideal choice for enhancing online anonymity.

Croxy Proxy 

Online Croxy Proxy can also be considered a perfect alternative to Nebula Proxy.

Nebula Proxies

This is a free and secure web proxy with advanced features. It offers better protection by encrypting all traffic to a free proxy service. You can use it for video hosting sites, search engines, social networks, and more. It supports anonymous surfing on video websites with full video streaming capabilities.

This web proxy functions as a proxy browser and doesn’t require any complicated downloads or configurations. You can use it on any platform or web browser, such as Chrome OS or Android.


Like Nebula Proxy, VPNBook is part of a free public proxy server service. It offers a clean, user-friendly, and easy-to-navigate web interface. Anyone can access this service on the web without the need for any registration. You can use this web proxy to securely browse the internet with 256-bit encryption, a robust form of encryption that disguises your traffic, making hacking attempts challenging.

Nebula Proxies

While using VPNBook, you have the option to select proxy servers from locations such as the US, Canada, and the UK, or you can let VPNBook automatically choose a random proxy server based on your preferences. Although web browsing speed is not exceptionally fast, it falls within acceptable limits.

One drawback of VPNBook is that it may disable some website functionality, especially on feature-rich platforms. This free proxy browser may also encounter difficulty accessing popular websites like Facebook, YouTube, and GSMArena. In summary, this service is suitable for accessing simpler websites. If you require more flexible web browsing, you may want to explore other web proxies.


Kproxy provides access to 10 different servers located around the world. It offers a user-friendly experience, allowing you to directly access blocked websites through your browser. Simply visit the Kproxy homepage, enter the website address in their search bar, and you’ll be redirected to the desired site via their proxy server.

Nebula Proxies

Kproxy also offers browser extensions, ensuring that you can access blocked content whenever needed, without the need to navigate to their site. One of the advantages of this web proxy is its free and unlimited usage, similar to Nebula Proxy, and it doesn’t require any software installation. Furthermore, it comes with extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and a free server that may experience occasional high demand on Edge


Nebula Proxy and other free web proxies can be a useful choice to maintain your privacy, preventing the collection of personal data by third parties. You can also use online proxies to access geographically restricted content and websites outside your country.

However, if you spend a significant amount of time streaming content from abroad for work purposes, you should consider investing in a paid proxy solution to provide you with unlimited data and improved web browsing speed. Because most free web proxy services are limited in terms of download speed.

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