Review Bart Proxies: Proxy Plans and Pricing

Bart Proxies

If you are seeking a proxy service with reasonable prices and a wide range of options to meet various needs, such as maintaining anonymity, creating multiple social network accounts, or purchasing sneakers, Bart Proxies is a recommended choice for these purposes. If you are unfamiliar with this service, please continue reading the content below for more information.

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Introducing Bart Proxies

Bart Proxies is a virtual server and dedicated proxy service designed to cater to both personal and business users. They ensure that all the proxies they provide are 100% clean and sourced from reputable and legal channels.

Bart Proxies

While the official website doesn’t offer extensive details about the company’s origin, office address, employees, or the precise number and sources of proxy IP addresses, it’s evident that their service specializes in providing various types of proxies, including residential proxies, ISP proxies, and data center proxies.

Remarkably, ISP and data center proxies boast impressive bandwidth speeds of up to 100 Gbps. When it comes to residential proxies, Bart Proxies guarantees access to a pool of over 20 million real IP addresses from more than 150 different countries worldwide.

Furthermore, Bart Proxies has established itself as one of the premier sneaker proxy services available today. Their proxies are renowned for their exceptional access performance, high-speed capabilities, stability, diverse service packages, and competitive prices.

Proxy Plans and Pricing

On the official website, Bart Proxies offers five types of service packages, with four packages related to proxies, including ISP, Subnet, Rotating Residential, and Captcha Proxies. The remaining service package is virtual server rental. In this article, we will only discuss four types of proxies offered by this service.

ISP Proxies Plans

Bart Proxies ISP proxy plans are a service that specializes in providing real proxy IP addresses hosted on data centers. These proxies are typically less susceptible to blocking than other types of traditional data center proxies. However, compared to residential proxies, ISP proxies are still more likely to be blocked.

Bart Proxies

Depending on your needs, you can choose packages such as Sprint Legacy ISP, AT&T Fresh ISP, and RCN Fresh ISP. Each package is tailored to different usage requirements, such as:

  • Sprint Legacy ISP: commonly used for sneaker shopping bots. The minimum price is $50 USD per month for 25 proxies.
  • AT&T Fresh ISP: used for online anonymity, allowing you to browse the web without revealing your actual IP address. The minimum rental price is $75 USD per month for 25 proxies.
  • RCN Fresh ISP: perfect for online ticket purchases, ensuring you appear as a genuine user on ticket websites. The minimum rental price is $75 USD per month for 25 proxies.

All these service packages share common features, including high bandwidth speeds of up to 100 Gbps, unlimited capacity usage, and servers located in Virginia, USA. Users can choose from subscription durations of 1 month, 2 months, and 3 months, along with proxy purchasing levels of 25 proxies, 50 proxies, and 100 proxies.

Subnet Plans

Subnet Proxies’ is a service that offers proxies with consistent IP addresses from the same subnet, primarily designed for specific sneaker-related websites. They are generally not suitable for regular web use due to their ease of detection, as all proxies provided by the service are data center proxies.

Bart Proxies

For this plan, you will have access to the service for 30 days with a bandwidth speed of 100 Gbps. You can choose from three proxy quantity options: 255 proxies, 510 proxies, and 1020 proxies (currently sold out). After the plan expires, you can renew it by refreshing the proxies using the manager provided by Bart Proxies. Currently, this service offers the following smaller packages:

  • AT&T Subnet Fresh: Price is $800 USD for 255 proxies, and $1600 USD for 510 proxies. The 1020 proxies plan is currently sold out.
  • RCN Subnet Fresh: Price is $510 USD for 255 proxies. The 510 proxies and 1020 proxies plans are sold out.
  • Sprint Subnet Legacy: Price is $800 USD for 255 proxies, and $1600 USD for 510 proxies. The 1020 proxies plan is currently sold out.

Rotating Residential Proxies

This service specializes in providing clean residential IP addresses, boasting a pool of over 20 million IPs from 150 different countries. These proxies typically offer good connection performance, maintaining uptime of up to 99.9%, ensuring high levels of anonymity and security for users.

However, the connection speed is often not as fast as that of an ISP proxy or a data center proxy. The strength of this service lies in its high security, minimizing the risk of being detected by websites.

Bart Proxies

With this service package, you receive a 60-day validity period and the ability to customize specific IP addresses by city or state. It includes benefits such as the creation of unlimited proxies and compatibility with many supported websites. The starting price for this service is $40 USD for 60 days with 2 GB capacity. Additionally, you can select access capacities at levels such as 4GB, 6GB, 8GB, and 10GB.

Captcha Proxies

This is a specialized service plan used for collecting Captcha, ReCaptcha, One-Click solving tools, or accessing sneaker websites. Since the primary purpose of Captcha Proxies is to overcome the limitations of Captcha that can slow down proxy connection speeds, it doesn’t come with many additional features and offers lower speeds. 

Consequently, the pricing for this plan is quite affordable, starting at a minimum of $28 USD per month for 25 proxies. Additionally, users have the option to subscribe for 2 months or 3 months, with proxy quantities available at 25 proxies, 50 proxies, and 100 proxies.

Intended Use of Bart Proxies

Bart Proxies

Currently, Bart Proxies’ services find frequent use across a variety of purposes:

Sneaker Bots

This is one of the most sought-after uses for Bart Proxies. The service’s proxies facilitate swift access to numerous websites selling athletic shoes in different countries, enabling users to procure products more efficiently and at better prices. It particularly benefits users seeking limited-edition sports shoes worldwide.

Currently, Sneaker Bots are employing Bart Proxies’ proxies to access sneaker websites like Nike SNKRS, Nike Web, Shopify Protection, and more.

Online Anonymity

Bart Proxies’ proxies can be utilized for anonymous web browsing. In other words, users can shield their real IP addresses and employ the IP addresses provided by Bart Proxies’ servers.


Users can employ Bart Proxies’ proxies for online event ticket purchases, including platforms like Ticketmaster and AXS. Utilizing an IP address from a reputable source helps users appear as genuine customers on these ticketing websites, making it easy to purchase multiple tickets while benefiting from fast speeds.


With clean proxy IP sources, Bart Proxies assists users in overcoming geographical restrictions to access major retail websites such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Apple Store, and others.

Account Creation

Thanks to unlimited bandwidth and a low blocking rate, users can leverage Bart Proxies’ ISP proxies to create multiple accounts on websites. These accounts prove useful for activities like gaming and streaming.


Bart Proxies is also well-suited for online advertising purposes, including classified ads on platforms like Kijiji, Craigslist, eBay, Google Ads, Bing Ads, and various other advertising channels.

Pros and Cons


  • Diverse service packages for users to choose from.
  • Enthusiastic 24/7 customer support service via email and Discord channel.
  • Provides trial support services for users.
  • Fast connection speeds of up to 100 Gbps (with ISP proxy and data center proxy).
  • Residential proxy includes over 20 million real and clean IP addresses from more than 150 countries.
  • Reasonable service prices, with small packages suitable for individual users or small and medium advertising companies.


  • Does not provide clear and transparent proxy locations.
  • Their ISP Proxies and Captcha proxies only support IP authentication, not username and password authentication.
  • Frequently slow to respond or provide no support information, or only support IP authentication for ISPs and Captcha proxies.
  • Some residential proxies often do not work or have slow connection speeds.


Bart Proxies can be an affordable sneaker proxy service suitable for many of your needs. However, you should also carefully consider their services due to slow response times in answering questions and the lack of support for residential proxy IPs.

What types of authentication does BartProxies support?

BartProxies supports both username and password authentication as well as IP authentication. However, it's worth noting that their ISP and Captcha proxies only offer support for IP authentication.

What protocols does Bart Proxies support?

Bart Proxies supports SOCKS5 (UDP/TCP) and HTTP protocols.

What makes Bart Proxies suitable for sneaker-related websites?

Bart Proxies are suitable for sneaker-related websites due to their fast connection speeds, dedicated ISP proxies, and the ability to bypass Sneaker platform limitations.

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