LunaProxy Review: Proxy Types, Pricing Plans, Features


Luna Proxy is a relatively new proxy service that has emerged in recent years, offering a wide range of residential proxies from various countries around the world. It stands out as a remarkable service for those seeking reliable residential proxy solutions. If you are unfamiliar with this service or if you are in search of a dependable residential proxy service provider, the information below will provide the answers you need. 

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Introducing LunaProxy

LunaProxy is an affordable residential proxy rental service that has gained popularity in the market over the past two years. This service stands out for its ability to provide more than 200 million residential proxies from over 195 countries worldwide. They have recently added data center proxy rental services and ISP proxies to their offerings.


This service is considered a cost-effective solution for many individual users and small to medium-sized businesses. The residential proxies offered by LunaProxy are known for their high success rate and fast connection speeds, taking only about 0.6 seconds. They also offer specific location targeting options based on city and country.

IP addresses are sourced from reliable providers, allowing you to safely and anonymously access the web while securing your personal information effectively. Users can access websites and applications that may be blocked due to geographical restrictions without worrying about being flagged or blocked.

Furthermore, LunaProxy’s services are regularly utilized for various purposes, including:

  • Data collection
  • Authorization information gathering
  • Social media marketing
  • Market research
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Ad verification
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Summarizing travel ticket prices
  • Sneaker proxies

Types of proxies provided by LunaProxy

LunaProxy offers three main types of proxies based on their IP source and purpose of use.

Residential Proxies

LunaProxy’s residential proxy service consists of two primary groups: static residential proxies and rotating residential proxies, totaling over 200 million proxies sourced from 195 different countries. All residential proxy IP addresses are acquired from reputable and trusted sources.


The key distinction lies in whether the proxy is rotating or static. A rotating proxy will change its IP address over time, typically after a certain period or after each request. This enhances anonymity and makes it more challenging to detect.

On the other hand, a static proxy utilizes fixed and unchanging IP addresses, often rented from proxy service providers. When you use a static residential proxy, you consistently connect through the same IP address. This can be advantageous for specific tasks where a stable IP address is required, or when accessing websites or services with such demands.

Static Data Center Proxies

Static data center proxies are created from fixed and unchanging IP addresses, usually rented or provided by data centers or proxy service providers. LunaProxy offers country-targeted static data center proxies, spanning regions such as Europe, Asia, Americas and Oceania.


These proxies are commonly employed to generate targeted network traffic, including competitor analysis, website service audits, email protection or automated online tasks.

Rotating ISP Proxies

Rotating ISP proxies are crafted from a network of IP addresses originating from various Internet service providers (ISPs). The key feature of rotating ISP proxies is their ability to change the connecting IP address after each request or at predetermined intervals. This feature enhances anonymity and makes detection more difficult when browsing the Internet.


These proxies are frequently used for purposes that require anonymity and a diverse range of IP addresses. Examples include competitor analysis, e-commerce web scraping, SEO analysis, travel deal scraping, warming up for sneaker releases or any activities that necessitate frequent IP address changes.

Pricing Plans by LunaProxy

Regarding pricing plans, LunaProxy offers the following service plans.

Dynamic Residential Proxy Plans

This plan specializes in providing rotating residential proxies with a validity period of 90 days and capacity limits of 5GB, 40GB, 150GB, 280GB, and 1000GB. To get started, you can opt for the 5GB plan at $15 for 90 days. The remaining plans can be chosen based on users’ diverse needs.


The pricing plan offers a lower cost per GB with higher capacity. For instance, if you select the 150GB plan for $270, you’ll be paying $1.8/GB. However, the 1000GB plan is priced at $800, which means you’ll only pay $0.8/GB. All plans allow users to utilize an unlimited number of simultaneous connections and bandwidth.

In addition to these popular pricing plans, LunaProxy also offers enterprise pricing plans with limits of 2200GB, 3000GB, and 5000GB. These plans also grant users the ability to employ unlimited sub-accounts.

Unlimited Residential Proxy Plans


These are rotating residential proxy service plans crafted by LunaProxy based on usage time, with time limits ranging from 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, to 2 months. Longer usage time corresponds to higher pricing, with the lowest starting at $280 per day. The advantage of this plan is that it allows the use of unlimited IP sources and bandwidth traffic from over 50 different countries around the world.

Static Residential Proxy Plans


Static Residential Proxy Plans are designed by LunaProxy for users looking for proxies with fixed and unchanging IP addresses. These plans are organized according to city targets in each country and offer weekly or monthly usage options. Users have the choice to purchase proxy IPs from 22 countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The average price for a weekly limited IP address is $2.70/IP/week.

Static Data Center Proxy Plans

Similar to Static Residential Proxy Plans, Static Data Center Proxy Plans are also organized based on city and country objectives. However, they provide three usage time options: weekly, monthly and yearly. 


To purchase proxies, users simply need to select the target city in each country, specify the quantity, and choose the usage time. After making the selections, they can proceed with the payment process to receive the proxy. The average price is $2.50/IP for one week of use.

Rotating ISP Proxy Plans

For this plan, LunaProxy offers service plans designed based on usage capacity, including 10GB, 40GB, 100GB, 500GB, and 1000GB. Each plan is valid for one month and includes incentives such as IP addresses being retained for 12 hours and the ability to use an unlimited number of IPs from over 90 million different IP addresses worldwide. 


Beginners are recommended to start with lower-capacity plans, such as the 10GB plan priced at $80 per month, equivalent to $8/GB.

Outstanding Features of LunaProxy


LunaProxy is currently receiving high praise for the following advantages

Global Coverage

With over 200 million residential IPs available in 195 locations worldwide, LunaProxy extends its reach, enabling localized information gathering.

Fast Response Time

LunaProxy offers lightning-fast response times, averaging less than 0.6 seconds. This facilitates quick data access, ultimately boosting productivity.

Automatic JSON Parsing

LunaProxy’s automatic JSON data parsing is a significant asset. This feature optimizes the data collection process, reducing session requests and providing users with accurate information.

Captcha Removal

LunaProxy is committed to eliminating the need for users to solve captchas when using its service. This feature enhances the ability to focus on gathering valuable information without interruptions from annoying captcha codes.

Unlimited Concurrent Sessions

LunaProxy allows unlimited concurrent sessions, removing all restrictions and enabling users to collect extensive data without compromising speed or performance.

No IP Blocking

LunaProxy places no restrictions on the use of specific IP addresses, allowing seamless access to websites and services without being blocked. Additionally, LunaProxy offers a zero verification code option, ensuring security and effective service verification.

Flexible and Cost-Efficient Pricing

LunaProxy offers service packages with reasonable and flexible pricing tailored to user needs, catering to both beginners and those requiring a large number of IPs.

Free Proxy Service

In addition to paid proxy service packages, LunaProxy also supports a free IP proxy service for users. These proxies are sourced from the internet and are updated every 10 minutes. However, LunaProxy notes that these are collected proxies and are not owned by them, so they do not assume responsibility for these proxies.

Disadvantages of LunaProxy

Despite its many outstanding features, LunaProxy has some limitations, including.

Limited Proxy User Control

LunaProxy lacks granular control over proxy users and the ability to track usage by individual users.

No Support for Dedicated Proxies

LunaProxy does not offer dedicated proxy support or has limited support for users seeking customized or specifically configured proxies for their unique needs.

No Refund Support Service

LunaProxy does not provide a refund policy or support service.


In summary, LunaProxy is an affordable residential proxy service suitable for users who require anonymous web access, unblocking websites, data collection, or sneaker transactions. However, LunaProxy has limitations in user control, support for specialized proxy services, and lacks a refund policy.

How many residential proxies does LunaProxy offer?

LunaProxy offers over 200 million residential proxies from over 195 countries.

Does LunaProxy offer a free trial?

No, LunaProxy does not offer a free trial.

What proxy protocols does LunaProxy support?

LunaProxy supports the following proxy protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5. HTTP and HTTPS are the most common proxy protocols. They are used to connect to web servers and other HTTP-based services. SOCKS5 is a more versatile proxy protocol that can be used to connect to a wider range of services, including FTP, SSH, and gaming servers.

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