What is Mail.tm? Outstanding Features of Mail.tm


Mail.tm is a temporary email service that offers users a range of advantages. By using this service, you can effectively avoid spam and maintain complete anonymity when communicating with others or exploring new websites. To discover more about the outstanding features of this service, Let’s find out with Getnada through the article below.

What is Mail.tm?

Mail.tm is a temporary email service that allows users to create disposable email addresses for various purposes. These email addresses can be used to register on websites, receive confirmation emails, and protect the user’s primary email from spam and unwanted messages. Temporary email services like Mail.tm are popular for enhancing privacy and security by providing a way to avoid sharing personal email addresses in potentially risky or spam-prone environments.


When you receive an email address from this service, you will also be provided with an account name and password to log in and use it similarly to a regular email account. However, it’s important to note that Mail.tm mailboxes are primarily intended for receiving emails and do not have the capability to send emails. 

Each incoming message can have a maximum capacity of 40MB, but messages are only stored for 7 days and are automatically deleted thereafter. If you wish to retain a message, you should save it to your computer or mobile device. Notably, the email account remains valid indefinitely unless manually deleted.

Mail.tm’s greatest strength lies in its ability to safeguard your privacy by preventing the collection of your personal information by unrelated third parties when you’re online.

Outstanding Features

Below are the detailed outstanding features of Mail.tm

Easy to Use

Mail.tm is very easy to use because you don’t need to go through a lengthy registration process. To receive emails, simply visit the website and click the “Create new email” button. You will then be provided with a randomly generated email address.


Temporary Nature

Email addresses created through Mail.tm are designed to be short-lived, often expiring after a certain period.

Privacy Protection

Users can avoid sharing their primary email addresses, thus reducing the risk of receiving spam or phishing emails.

Ease of Use

Creating a temporary email address is quick and does not require any personal information.

Automatic Deletion

Emails and the temporary email addresses are often deleted automatically after a specified duration.

Purpose of Using Mai.tm

Mail.tm is commonly used for the following purposes:

Privacy Protection

This service allows users to create disposable email addresses, helping them stay anonymous when communicating with others or signing up for new websites. This is also highly beneficial for individuals who want to avoid receiving spam or being tracked by untrustworthy websites.

Avoiding Spam

Disposable email addresses are automatically deleted after 7 days, so you won’t need to worry about receiving spam from sites or services you signed up for using this email address.

Testing New Services

This disposable email service can be used to sign up for services offered by new applications or websites that users are uncertain about using regularly. This helps users avoid spam or automatic charges if they decide not to continue using these services.

Creating Accounts for Games or Apps

Mail.tm can be used to create accounts for games or applications that you do not want linked to your official email address. This can be especially useful if you wish to keep your activities private.”

Guide on How to Create a Email

How to create a temporary email is very simple, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Start by accessing the Mail.tm website: https://mail.tm/en
  • If the web interface is not in your preferred language, click the “Text A” button to change the language.


  • Next, click the button located to the right of the “Text A” button to initiate the account creation process. Click on “Create an Account”.


  • Once the “Create an Account” tab appears, enter your desired username and password (or use the system-suggested password).
  • Afterward, click the “Create” button, and you will have successfully created an email address for yourself.


To verify if your email is functioning correctly, click on ‘Log Out,’ and then log back in using the email address and password you’ve just created. If the login process is successful, you can begin using your Mail.tm account to receive emails or register for various services or games, just like with any other regular email.

To receive and view messages sent to your Mail.tm account, you simply need to log in to their website or download their app from Google Play or the App Store, and then sign in using the email address you provided earlier. The usage is similar to that of Gmail.

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Tips for Effective Use of Mail.tm

Here are some tips for using Mail.tm effectively:

Use a Disposable Email Address for One Service

Utilize disposable email addresses for individual websites or services you register for. This practice safeguards your privacy and minimizes exposure to spam.

Regularly Check Your Email

Disposable email addresses are automatically removed after 7 days, so maintaining regular email checks is essential to prevent the loss of important information.

Avoid Using Temporary Email Services for Important Matters.

Mail.tm is a temporary service without enhanced security features. For important email communications, such as signing up for banking services or creating a virtual currency account, it is advisable to use a paid email service.


In short, Mail.tm is a privacy and safety-focused email service that offers many outstanding features. Whether you prefer to use it on a web browser or a mobile device, this temporary mail service provides a seamless and user-friendly experience, making it a valuable choice for those who prioritize privacy and simplicity in their email communications.

How does Mail.tm work?

To use Mail.tm, simply visit the website and create a new address. You will then be able to use that address to sign up for websites and services. Your address will be deleted after 7 days, so you don't have to worry about spam or unwanted messages.

Is it possible to send emails to others using Mail.tm?

No, you cannot send emails to others using Mail.tm as the service does not provide this feature.

How can I prolong the lifespan of a temporary email?

You don't need to extend anything; your email account remains valid until you manually delete it.

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