What is Min Proxy? Outstanding Features of Min Proxy

Min Proxy

Min Proxy is a proxy rental service based in Vietnam, boasting over 1,000 servers spread across 60 different countries. The rental fee is as low as $0.06 USD per day per proxy. If you’re in search of an affordable proxy service, this option may pique your interest. For more information and details about Min Proxy’s features, Let’s find out with Getnada through the following article.

What is Min Proxy?

Min Proxy is a proxy service based in Vietnam that specializes in providing two types of proxies: static proxies and dynamic proxies, all of which come with open-source code. When users utilize this proxy service to browse the web, their requests do not directly reach the destination website. Instead, they first pass through an authorization proxy server. This proxy server then processes the information and forwards it to the intended website.

Min Proxy

This method of operation replaces your actual IP address with a new proxy IP address provided by Min Proxy. This ensures complete anonymity online, protecting your personal data from being collected by unrelated third parties. Depending on your requirements, you have the option of renting from one of two groups of proxies of the company.

A static proxy is a type of proxy with a fixed IP address and port, commonly used for purposes such as web browsing, downloading, and online gaming. On the other hand, a dynamic proxy is one whose IP address and port change over time. This type of proxy is commonly used for tasks such as circumventing firewalls, maintaining anonymity, and accessing blocked content.

Main Products 

As previously mentioned, Min Proxy offers rental services for two types of proxies: static proxies and dynamic proxies.

Min Proxy

Static Proxies

Min Proxy currently provides static proxies in two primary categories: IPv4 static proxies and IPv6 static proxies. An IPv4 static proxy utilizes IPv4 IP addresses, while an IPv6 static proxy uses IPv6 IP addresses. Both types of static proxies serve various purposes, including:

  • Nurturing Google and Facebook accounts.
  • Running various tools and traffic boosting software.
  • Gaming sessions.
  • Supporting account types that require IPv4 or IPv6 for maintaining trust with a single IP address.

The rental pricing for these proxy types is as follows:

  • IPv4 static proxy rental: $0.061 USD per day.
  • IPv6 static proxy rental: $0.060 USD per day.

Dynamic Proxy

Similar to static proxies, Min Proxy also offers dynamic proxies, which come in two main types: IPv4 dynamic proxies and IPv6 dynamic proxies. An IPv4 dynamic proxy uses IPv4 IP addresses, while an IPv6 dynamic proxy uses IPv6 IP addresses. Both types are employed for various purposes, including:

  • Maintaining eBay, Amazon, PayPal, Etsy, and Facebook accounts.
  • Running various traffic boosting tools and software.
  • Playing games that require an extensive number of proxies at a low cost.
  • Not needing to maintain the IP address for an extended period.

You can rent these dynamic proxies at the following rates:

  • IPv4 dynamic proxies are available for $0.16 USD per day.
  • IPv6 dynamic proxies are available for $0.02 USD per day.

Proxy Protocols

Min Proxy supports various proxy protocols, including


SOCKS5 is a versatile proxy protocol capable of forwarding both TCP and UDP requests. It enjoys compatibility with a wide range of applications and software, such as web browsers, download managers, and gaming applications.


HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, which is the standard protocol for transmitting data over the Internet. This protocol is widely supported by applications and software, including web browsers, email clients, and messaging applications.


HTTPS is an enhanced and secure version of the HTTP protocol. It employs encryption to safeguard data transmitted over the network.

Custom Proxy Protocols

Min Proxy goes a step further by offering support for custom proxy protocols. This includes specialized protocols used by specific applications or software.

Outstanding Features of Min Proxy

Below is some information about the outstanding features of Min Proxy.

Min Proxy


Min Proxy offers proxies at an affordable rate, with rental costs of less than $1 per day. This is ideal for customers seeking cost-effective proxy rental services. Even if you only need a proxy for a single day, Min Proxy can accommodate your request.

Developer-Friendly API

Min Proxy provides APIs, enabling application and software developers to seamlessly integrate and extend their services. Min Proxy’s API allows developers to access and manage their proxies directly from their applications or software.

Exclusive Proxy Allocation

Min Proxy employs an algorithm to prevent duplicate proxy assignments to customers. This feature ensures that each proxy is allocated to only one customer, enhancing performance, reliability, and proxy security.

Speed and Stability

Min Proxy operates a high-performance server system equipped with powerful CPU, ample RAM, and robust hard drives, all subject to regular and stringent monitoring. Additionally, they effectively utilize performance optimization technologies such as caching and load balancing. This results in faster and more stable connections for users, enabling quicker and more efficient access to websites and applications.

Unlimited Capacity

Min Proxy’s proxies do not impose transmission capacity limits. This means users can utilize Min Proxy’s proxies for downloading, uploading, or transferring data without any restrictions.

This feature offers numerous benefits to users, enabling them to employ Min Proxy’s proxies for a wide range of purposes, such as uploading and downloading large files, accessing blocked websites, and enhancing web and application access speed.

Diversity of Servers and Locations

Min Proxy currently operates a network of over 1,000 proxy servers spanning across more than 60 different countries. This feature enables you to access websites and applications from any country worldwide while also facilitating the selection of the most suitable service package to meet your specific needs.

Disadvantages of Min Proxy

Despite its strengths, this proxy service still has a few limitations. Here are some specifics about these restrictions:

Access Speed

The access speed of the proxy may be affected when the user and the server are quite far apart. For example, if you are in the United States and use a Min Proxy server located in Vietnam, your access speed may be slower than if you were to use a Min Proxy server in the United States.

Security Level

Min Proxy’s proxy service is not always secure. Proxies can be vulnerable to compromise by hackers, potentially resulting in the theft of users’ personal data. To safeguard your data, users should opt for proxies from reputable providers and employ additional security measures, such as encryption.

Limited Number of Servers

Currently, Min Proxy only possesses a network of over 1,000 servers across 60 countries. The reason for this limitation is that Min Proxy is a relatively new proxy service provider. Therefore, if you require access to websites in numerous regions around the world, you may want to consider using an alternative proxy service. For instance, Proxyv6.net service boasts more than 100,000 proxy servers spanning 100 countries.

Min Proxy supports three popular proxy protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5.

Where are Min Proxy servers located?

Min Proxy servers are located in over 60 countries.

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