What is Internxt? Outstanding Features of Internxt


If you’re seeking a cloud storage service that prioritizes privacy, Internxt is worth considering. Given concerns regarding the collection of personal information by BigTech companies, Internxt’s emergence is seen as a valuable solution for users who wish to store their documents securely, away from the prying eyes of unauthorized data collectors. Continue reading the article to discover more about the exceptional features of this service.

What is Internxt?

Internxt (pronounced: Inter-Next) is a cloud file storage and sharing service that primarily focuses on users’ personal privacy. The name of the service is also the name of the technology company that designed this cloud storage service. In 2019, the technology company Internxt was founded by a group of software developers in Valencia, Spain.


Despite being launched only a few years ago, Internxt has attracted over 1 million users worldwide. Additionally, this cloud storage service has received more than 30 awards and prestigious recognitions. Notably, Internxt has been independently verified as fully GDPR compliant and 100% secure by Europe’s leading penetration testing company, Securitum.

In terms of technology, Internxt employs decentralized cloud technology. In other words, when you upload data to this application, your data is distributed across your own computer network without the need for it to be stored on a central server. This helps users securely protect their data from unauthorized access by unrelated third parties.


Currently, users can use Internxt’s cloud storage service on platforms such as Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS. The mobile application is available for free download. Upon successful registration of an account on Internxt, users will receive 2GB of permanent storage for free to store their data. 

After that, the memory capacity can be increased by 10GB if you complete the challenges that Internxt sets out, such as downloading mobile applications, inviting friends to use the application, or creating sharing links…

Outstanding Features of Internxt

Internxt is a cloud storage service that places a strong emphasis on user data security. Their network is constructed with end-to-end data decentralization, replication, and encryption to ensure maximum safety and security. User data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, and users have the option to enable two-factor authentication. To make it easier for you to imagine, here is an outstanding feature of Internxt.

Security Thanks to End-to-End Encryption

Internxt places great importance on AES 256-bit End-to-End Encryption. This is an extremely secure encryption protocol that is nearly impossible for hackers to crack. This machine learning technology scrambles and masks your data before it leaves your device, ensuring that it remains protected from observation at every stage of the upload and storage process.


Decentralized Storage Technology

Internxt utilize decentralized cloud storage technology with multiple locations in the EU to store data, such as France, Finland, Germany, and other countries within the European Union. These countries have stringent privacy laws, making storing data on Internxt a highly secure and optimal solution for safeguarding your personal information.

Zero-Knowledge Provider

In terms of privacy, Internxt offers users the option to enable two-factor authentication and operates as a zero-knowledge provider, meaning the company never has the ability to view or access your data.

Simple Registration Process and Friendly User Interface

Internxt offers a user-friendly registration process that only requires your full name, password, and email address. Furthermore, the user interface is designed to be modern, clean, and responsive, allowing you to easily organize files using List and Tile views.

Uploading files is as simple as dragging and dropping, and downloading folders is also straightforward. However, it’s important to note that uploading and downloading files larger than 1 GB via the browser is not possible


Internxt provides a wide range of features, such as file synchronization, secure photo backup, and reliable file sharing, making it a feature-rich solution for your data needs.

File Sharing with Password Protection

You can easily apply password protection to your files, preventing unauthorized access via the shared link alone. You also have the option to specify the number of times a file can be downloaded!

Good Online Support 

Customer support service is also one of Internxt’s strengths. Users can receive online consultations in various ways, such as reading FAQs, sending emails to the support team. 

Online Virus Scanning

Internxt offers an online virus scanning tool available on their website. This free antivirus scanner operates through the web. To initiate a scan, you simply need to drag a file into the designated box.


This feature is both free and user-friendly. However, the only drawback is that you need to manually scan each of your files. It would be more convenient if Internxt integrated the virus scanner directly into the drive and automated the scanning process

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Products of Internxt 

Currently Internxt is providing the following 3 main products.

Internxt Drive

Internxt Drive is a cloud storage service that enables users to store, access, and share their files from any device. The service employs decentralized cloud technology to store user data, thereby ensuring data protection from unauthorized access.

Internet Photo

This is a cloud storage service designed specifically for photos. Internxt Photos employs end-to-end encryption to safeguard users’ photos from unauthorized access. The service also provides features such as automatic photo backup and online photo access.

Internet Send

Internxt expanded its services with the introduction of Internxt Send in 2022. It is a secure file transfer service, similar to WeTransfer, that simplifies file sharing.

It allows direct file sharing without the need to upload files to the cloud first. Internxt Send uses AES encryption and decentralized cloud storage, ensuring the same level of security as Internxt Drive. Currently, Internxt Send is a free feature provided to users.

How to Install Internxt on Your PC

Below are the instructions for installing Internxt on your PC:


Provide your details to create an account. You can use a pseudonym and an anonymous email address if you prefer not to use your personal information.


Once your account is created, you can start using Internxt immediately. Alternatively, you can choose to download the desktop app by clicking on “Desktop Applications” on the left.


After the installation is complete, log in by entering your email and password.


Finally, you can use File Explorer to upload photos to cloud storage or synchronize files using the desktop app.

To install Internxt on Android and iOS phones, simply download the application from Google Play or the App Store. After that, you can either register a new account or log in using the account you created on your PC to start using the application.

How can I increase my storage capacity up to 10GB with Internxt?

When you create an account, you are granted 2 GB of complimentary storage space automatically. Then, by completing the following actions, you can increase your storage capacity with Internxt:

- Install the mobile app and upload a file to earn an extra 1 GB
- Share a file using a link to receive an additional 1 GB.
- Sign up for the newsletter to get another 1 GB.
- Install the desktop app and upload one file for an additional 1 GB.
- Invite four friends to use Internxt and receive 4 GB of storage.

What are the benefits of using Internxt?

Internxt offers a number of benefits, including:

- Security: Internxt uses a variety of security technologies to protect users' data, including end-to-end encryption, decentralized storage, and two-factor authentication.
- Privacy: Internxt is committed to user privacy. The company does not collect or track user data, except for data that is necessary to provide the service.
- Flexibility: Internxt offers a variety of services, including cloud storage, photo backup, and secure file sharing. This allows users to choose the service that best meets their needs.
- Affordability: Internxt offers competitive pricing plans, including a free plan with 10GB of storage.

What are the drawbacks of using Internxt?

Internxt has a few drawbacks, including:

- Performance: Internxt may not be as fast as centralized cloud storage services.
- Feature set: Internxt does not offer as many features as some centralized cloud storage services.

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