What’s Oculus Proxies? Outstanding Features of Oculus Proxies

Oculus Proxies

If you are in search of a dedicated and dependable proxy service, Oculus Proxies makes for an excellent choice. This service boasts a high success rate in establishing connections, swift delivery, and a robust security policy. Nonetheless, alongside its advantages, Oculus Proxies does come with certain limitations. Let’s delve into these aspects in the following sections.

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What is Oculus Proxies?

Oculus Proxies is a specialized proxy rental service designed to enhance user privacy, security, and online accessibility. It offers proxy servers that enable you to browse the internet more anonymously and securely. The service’s proxies provide fast connection speeds, thanks to the high bandwidth traffic of up to 100 Gbps from dedicated servers.

Oculus Proxies

Oculus Proxies is renowned for its reliability and is particularly well-known in the fields of sneaker trading and social media, where fast and secure connections are paramount. Currently, this proxy service offers three primary proxy options: residential proxies, DC ISP proxies, and data center proxies.

Outstanding Features of Oculus Proxies

Oculus Proxies

Here are some notable features of Oculus Proxies.

Privacy and Security

Oculus Proxies utilizes SSL encryption to safeguard your data from theft or unauthorized access. This service also employs a dedicated proxy server to conceal your IP address and location.


Oculus Proxies offers rapid connection speeds with high bandwidth throughput of up to 100 Gbps from dedicated servers. This feature enables seamless browsing, downloading, and video streaming.


Oculus Proxies allows access to websites and content that may be restricted in certain regions, making it valuable in countries with stringent internet censorship.

Authentication Method

Oculus Proxies uses a single authentication method, which is based on IP addresses.

Proxy Management

You can manage proxies through the Oculus Proxies application for Windows operating systems. For other platforms, proxy management can be done through browser extensions available on the Oculus Proxies website or online store.

Number of Proxy IPs

Currently, Oculus Proxies provides access to over 40 million residential IPs, with 15 million IPs dedicated to sneaker deals. However, specific details about data center proxies are not disclosed.

Authorization Server Location

Oculus Proxies does not explicitly state the location of its proxy IPs. Information from their pricing list suggests that they originate from locations such as London (UK), New York, Virginia and Chicago (USA), although the exact location remains somewhat unclear.

Fixed Sessions and Rotating Sessions

Fixed sessions are suitable for retail sites where a consistent address is needed throughout the entire checkout process. Rotating sessions, on the other hand, are useful when you need to change your address for each new request.

Discord Channel

Oculus Proxies offers a support channel on Discord for their user community. Here, users can stay updated with service provider information, ask questions, and engage in discussions. However, joining the Discord channel requires a monthly fee of $45.

24/7 Customer Support

Oculus Proxies provides around-the-clock customer support through email and Twitter. While they do not offer a live chat feature, their support services are known for their prompt responses and accuracy.

Products and Pricing Plans

As mentioned, Oculus Proxies currently has 3 proxy services: residential proxy, data center, and DC ISP Proxies. Each service will have its own pricing plan, specifically as follows.

Residential Proxies

Residential proxies are a type of proxy that utilizes IP addresses assigned to actual home devices. This means that these proxies can access websites and content that may be restricted to other types of proxies. Currently, Oculus Proxies can provide access to over 40 million residential proxy IPs, with up to 15 million of them dedicated to sneaker transactions.

Oculus Proxies

This service is commonly used for various purposes, including SEO monitoring, web scraping, sneaker copping, automation software, travel fare aggregation, and more. In terms of pricing, residential proxies are offered in packages based on usage capacity, ranging from 5GB to 200GB. These packages are valid for a duration of 3 months.

Depending on their needs, users can choose from different service packages such as Oculus Network Performance and Oculus Network Retail. The average price for a 5GB package used over 3 months is $15.

Data Center Proxies

Data center proxies are a type of proxy that utilizes IP addresses assigned to servers in data centers located in areas such as London (UK), New York, Virginia, and Chicago (USA). Oculus Proxies’ data center proxy service offers the advantage of high-speed connections and exceptional accessibility.

Oculus Proxies

These proxies are also SSL-encrypted to safeguard your data against theft or unauthorized access. This service is particularly well-suited for various needs, including brand protection, email security, and cybersecurity.

Currently, Oculus Proxies offers this service in different packages based on the duration, including 1 week, 1 month, 2 months, and 3 months. You can purchase proxy packages with quantities ranging from 25 proxies to 400 proxies. For example, the average price of a 25-proxy package for 1 week of usage is $10.

Data Center (DC) ISP Proxies

Data Center (DC) ISP proxies are a type of proxy that utilizes IP addresses provided by data centers and Internet service providers (ISPs). According to information provided by the service, their proxy servers are strategically located in cities such as London (UK), New York, Virginia, and Chicago (USA).

Oculus Proxies

This premium service is offered by Oculus Proxies and features pricing options based on service durations of 1 week, 1 month, 2 months, and 3 months, with geographical targeting available. With this service, you can purchase proxies in various quantities, including packages of 10 proxies, 25 proxies, 50 proxies, 100 proxies, 200 proxies and 400 proxies. The average price for a 10-proxy package used over 1 week is $18.

Opting for the Premium DC ISP proxies service package grants you access to unlimited capacity with blazing-fast 100 Gbps bandwidth, complemented by round-the-clock support via email and Discord channels.

Pros and Cons

Here’s an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of using Oculus Proxies:


  • Oculus Proxies offer fast proxy speeds, ensuring efficient online activities.
  • Setting up the service is straightforward and user-friendly.
  • Oculus Proxies prioritize security, providing a safe online experience.
  • The service boasts a vast number of residential proxies.
  • It can be used on various operating systems.


  • Some information regarding the number and locations of proxies may be unclear and vague.
  • There may be restrictions based on location and features.
  • The service does not support user password authentication.
  • Oculus Proxies does not offer refunds.
  • Service prices are relatively high, requiring significant monthly commitments. Compared to popular low-cost proxy services, Oculus Proxies may not be considered budget-friendly. If price is a significant factor, GetNada Proxy may be a more suitable option.
  • It may not be the best choice for individuals or small companies.
  • Live chat support is not available.

In summary, Oculus Proxies caters to those who need a high-speed, secure proxy with many options. However, users should carefully consider their specific requirements and budget before committing to the service.

Is Oculus Proxies safe?

Yes, Oculus Proxies is safe to use. They use SSL encryption to protect your data from being stolen or accessed by unauthorized parties. They also use dedicated proxy servers to hide your IP address and location.

Which proxy protocols does Oculus Proxies support?

Oculus Proxies supports the following proxy protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5. These protocols are commonly used for web browsing and other online activities, providing a secure and reliable proxy connection.

Is there a refund policy with Oculus Proxies?

No, Oculus Proxies does not offer refunds.

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