What is Proxy Seller? Key Features and Main Products

Proxy Seller

Proxy Seller is a service that offers a wide range of proxy types from over 50 countries worldwide. This service excels in high stability, a vast number of proxy IPs, and competitive prices. Nevertheless, there are certain limitations associated with its usage. Please refer to the following content for more comprehensive information.

What is Proxy Seller?

Proxy Seller is a service specializing in providing proxies for both individual and business users. This service currently offers two main proxy types: residential proxies and data center proxies, which are further categorized into five proxy service categories. These categories include IPv4 Proxy, IPv6 Proxy, ISP Proxy, Residential Proxies, and Mobile Proxy LTE.

Proxy Seller

A residential proxy is a type of proxy that uses IP addresses from devices connected to the Internet through an Internet service provider (ISP). On the other hand, a data center proxy is a type of proxy that uses IP addresses from servers located in data centers. These servers are managed by a proxy provider.

Both types of proxies share the common goal of protecting the user’s true IP identity. This means that when you access the internet through a proxy provided by Proxy Seller, your traffic passes through the proxy server before reaching the target website you intend to access.

This helps you conceal your real location and IP address, enhancing your privacy while browsing the web. Furthermore, using a proxy allows you to access websites that may be blocked due to national regulations.

In addition to the main goal, proxies provided by Proxy Seller are also used for the following purposes:

  • Web content extraction
  • Online marketing
  • Social media management (e.g., Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Reddit, YouTube, etc.)
  • Advertisement verification
  • Internet browsing
  • Live streaming
  • Gaming
  • Online trading
  • Accessing sports shoes websites (e.g., BetterNikeBot, Eve AIO, Sole AIO, etc.)
  • Online marketplaces
  • Cryptocurrency trading
  • SEO scraping

Key Features of Proxy Seller

To help you better visualize it, here are some of the prominent features of Proxy Seller that have received high praise from users.

Proxy Seller

User-Friendly Interface for Easy Navigation

On the Proxy Seller website’s homepage, users can effortlessly explore various proxy purchasing options. Whether it’s selecting proxies by country, product category, or specific usage requirements, this well-organized design allows you to swiftly identify the ideal proxy type for your intended purpose.

  • Choosing Proxies Based on Product Categories

Proxy Seller

  • Proxy Selection by Region and Country Proxy Seller
  • Customizing Proxy Selection for Your Intended Use

Proxy Seller

Provides High-Speed and Stable Proxies

Proxy Seller offers high-speed and stable proxies, as attested by numerous user reviews. These proxies are known for maintaining reliable connections and delivering fast web access speeds. These achievements can be attributed to the following technologies:

  • Utilizing highly-configured proxy servers equipped with Intel Xeon CPUs, 32GB of RAM, and 1TB SSD storage.
  • Implementing caching technology to store popular content, which enhances access speed.
  • Operating a 24/7 monitoring system to ensure the consistent stability of proxy servers.

This is also the reason why Proxy Seller claims to provide web access speeds of up to 1Gb/s, which is equivalent to downloading a Full HD movie in less than one minute.

Provides Proxies from Many Different Subnets and Networks

Proxy Seller offers proxy IP addresses chosen from a pool of over 800 subnets and more than 300 different networks. These proxies are distributed across 52 countries worldwide, including France, the USA, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Russia, India, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Italy, Bulgaria, Canada, and more. 

This provides significant benefits for users by allowing you to access the web from various locations, thereby enhancing web access speed and reducing latency.

Proxy Configuration Support

Proxy Seller offers support for configuring proxies on remote computers. If you are new to using proxies and find the configuration process confusing, Proxy Seller provides a 24/7 remote proxy configuration support service for your computer via TeamViewer. This service ensures that the proxy configuration is set up correctly, helping you save time and ensuring the proxy functions effectively.

Flexible Refund and Replacement Policy

Another advantage appreciated by Proxy Seller users is their policy of supporting refunds or proxy replacements within 24 hours of purchase. If the provided proxy does not perform as promised, you can request a refund or a replacement proxy.

Main Products and Pricing of Proxy Seller

Below is information on some main proxy services and the prices of these services provided by Proxy Seller.

IPv4 Proxies

An IPv4 proxy is a type of proxy that uses IP version 4 (IPv4) addresses to hide identities and protect user privacy when accessing the internet. This proxy service works by forwarding requests from your computer through a proxy server before reaching their destination, such as a website or application.

When the proxy server receives a request from you, it sends the request to the website or application instead of directly from your computer. Currently, the average price for renting an IPv4 Proxy from Proxy Seller is $10 USD per month for a personal proxy package. This price may vary depending on the service package and selected country.

Below is information on some popular IPv4 proxy rental packages provided by Proxy Seller.

Proxy Seller

Proxy Seller

Proxy Seller

IPv6 Proxies    

An IPv6 proxy is a type of proxy that uses IP version 6 (IPv6) addresses—an extended version of IPv4 addresses—to hide identities and protect user privacy when accessing the internet. Although both IPv6 and IPv4 are IP addressing protocols, IPv6 is capable of providing a larger number of IP addresses than IPv4, allowing for greater diversity in anonymizing and forwarding traffic.

Currently, IPv6 proxies provided by Proxy Seller have an average rental price of about $15 USD per month for a personal proxy package. This is a higher price than IPv4 proxies due to the scarcity of IPv6 IP addresses. Below is the current price list for IPv6 proxies on Proxy Seller.

Proxy Seller

ISP Proxies

ISP Proxies are proxies provided by Internet service providers (ISPs). The strengths of this type of proxy are its low cost and ease of use. However, ISP Proxies may have limited speed and stability. Currently, ISP Proxies provided by Proxy Seller are encrypted using the HTTPS protocol, with IP locations in 20 different countries around the world. The average price for 1 IP is $5 USD per month.

Proxy Seller

Residential Proxies

Residential proxies provided by Proxy Seller are proxies that use IP addresses from home users’ computers. These IP addresses are often associated with specific geographical locations, resulting in fast and stable web access speeds and providing high security to protect user data from being stolen.

However, Residential proxies cost more than IPv4 proxies. The average monthly price for a Residential proxy package is typically up to $25 USD per month. Below is the reference price list from Proxy Seller.

Proxy Seller

Mobile Proxy LTE

Mobile LTE Proxies provided by Proxy Seller are proxies that use IP addresses from real mobile operators and access the Internet through a 4G LTE modem installed in the country of your choice. This type of proxy often offers the advantage of fast, stable web access speeds and good security.

Currently, Proxy Seller provides Mobile Proxy LTE IP addresses located in 21 countries around the world, with an average price of $12 USD per month for a personal proxy package. Below is a more detailed price list for this service.

Proxy Seller

Disadvantages of Proxy Seller

Despite having many strengths in terms of proxy resources, Proxy Seller still has some limitations as outlined below.

The Cost of Their Service Packages is Relatively High

Compared to other proxy services currently available in the market, Proxy Seller is considered to offer competitive prices. However, the proxy packages they offer are not particularly affordable when compared to reputable providers of inexpensive IPv4 and IPV6 proxies on the market.

If you’re looking for an economical and reputable proxy solution, GetNada may be a better choice in this regard. Our IPv4 and IPV6 proxy packages are priced at only around $5 per month for a personal proxy package. Moreover, in terms of security, both Proxy Seller and GetNada are considered equal.

Additional Features

Proxy Seller offers several additional features, such as support for remote proxy configuration and access to blocked websites, as well as user privacy protection. However, these features may not be suitable for all users. For instance, Proxy Seller’s proxies often do not work with Netflix or certain sports shoe websites in certain countries around the world.

Server limitations

Proxy Seller has server locations in only about 52 countries with more than 20,000 proxy servers. Compared to other proxy services, this provider’s server count is relatively limited. For example, at GetNada, our servers are available in over 100 different countries, providing access to more than 100,000+ distinct proxy servers.

Limited Proxy Categories

Proxy Seller’s proxy catalog is also somewhat limited, featuring only main categories such as IPv4, IPv6, and rotating proxies. In contrast, GetNada offers a wider range of proxy types, including IPv4 proxies, IPv6 proxies, dedicated proxies, and rotating proxies.


Proxy Seller can be a suitable proxy service for users seeking fast and stable web access speeds, as well as support for remote setup. However, if you are in search of an affordable proxy provider with a wide range of service packages to choose from, Proxy Seller may not be your top choice.

Does Proxy Seller offer a free trial?

Yes, Proxy Seller offers a 3-day free trial for all of its plans. To sign up for a free trial, simply create an account and select the plan you want to try. You will then have 3 days to use the proxies without any limitations.

How many proxy protocols does Proxy Seller offer?

Proxy Seller offers three proxy protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5.

How many payment methods does Proxy Seller support?

Proxy Seller supports 4 payment methods: Credit/debit card, Bitcoin, Payoneer and PayPal.

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