Proxyline Review 2023: Is it a Safe Proxy Provider?


If you are looking for a reputable IPv4 proxy or IPv6 proxy provider, Proxyline is a name you should consider. So, what is this proxy service, and what are its pros and cons? Please read on for more detailed information. In this article, we will also provide information on some reliable proxy rental services that can serve as alternatives to Proxyline.

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What is Proxyline?

Proxyline is a company that provides proxy server services. These services include offering various types of proxies such as data center proxies, residential proxies, mobile proxies, and more. These proxies are often used for tasks such as web scraping, accessing geo-restricted content, enhancing privacy and security online, and managing multiple social media accounts.


Proxyline offers features like high anonymity, fast connection speeds, multiple IP addresses, and reliable performance. Their services are designed to help users bypass restrictions, protect their online activities, and ensure seamless internet browsing.

For specific details or to learn more about Proxyline’s services, visiting their official website or contacting their support team would provide the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Proxyline’s Outstanding Features

Below are the outstanding features of Proxyline.

User-Friendly Interface

Proxyline’s platform is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for users to manage their proxies and monitor their usage.


This provider’s proxies are compatible with HTTP and SOCKS5 formats, as well as offering a variety of network and subnet options.

Extensive IPv4 Proxy Network

Proxyline offers a wide range of proxy types, including data center proxies, residential proxies, and mobile proxies, catering to different user needs and use cases.



The personal proxies offered by Proxyline are highly regarded for their reliability. They offer impressive speeds of up up to 100 Mbps, unlimited bandwidth, support for 2000 simultaneous connections, 3500 available networks and subnets, and automatic IP address management and deletion.

48-Hour Refund Policy

Should Proxyline customers be dissatisfied with the proxies provided, they can request a refund within 48 hours of purchase. However, it’s important to note that refunds may not be returned via the original payment method, as this provider typically refunds through Russian e-wallets or USDT TRC20.

Proxy Support Tools


In addition to proxy rental services, Proxyline provides a range of useful proxy support tools, including:

  • Online proxy server verification
  • Speedtest to test proxy speeds
  • Port checking to verify necessary ports
  • Anonymity level checker
  • IP address checker
  • IP address blacklist and spam database checker
  • IPv6 connection status checker
  • API access verification
  • Proxy manager for creating, managing, and deleting proxies

Free Proxies

Apart from proxy rental services, Proxyline also offers a list of free proxies with an extensive network spanning countries such as France, the USA, Russia, China, and Vietnam. This is a valuable feature for customers looking to experience anonymous web browsing for free or access websites blocked due to geographical restrictions. 


However, it’s important to note that free proxies may have slower connection speeds, higher pings, and may not be suitable for online gaming. Some servers may also block the websites you wish to access. Additionally, Proxyline disclaims liability for any security issues arising from the use of free proxies, as many of these are collected from various sources on the internet.

Pricing Plans

Proxyline offers pricing for three types of proxies: shared IPv4 proxies, individual IPv4 proxies, and IPv6/32 proxies. When it comes to server distribution, personal IPv4 proxies are distributed across more countries than the other two types.

In second place are shared IPv4 proxies, with the network distributed across 10 countries. Finally, IPv6 proxies are limited to servers located in two countries: Russia and the United States.


All of these proxy types support the HTTP/SOCKS5 protocol and come with options based on number of proxies and service duration. The lowest option is 1 proxy used for 5 days with the specific price as follows:

  • IPv4 Shared Proxy: Available for a minimum price of $0.67 for 1 proxy used for 5 days and can be shared with up to 3 users.
  • IPv4 Individual Proxy: Minimum price is $0.97 for 1 proxy for 5 days and is for one user only.
  • IPv6/32 Proxy: Price 0.1 USD for 1 proxy for 5 days, designed for use by one account.

In general, Proxyline’s proxy service price list is quite competitive when compared to similar services on the market. Furthermore, the service plans are designed to be very flexible, allowing users to easily choose the type of proxy that best suits their specific needs.

However, one limitation to note is the design of pricing options, which are based on multiple usage needs such as message boards, playing online games, browsing across platforms, performing data collection, or accessing blocked software. They all redirect to a common landing page which is Proxyline’s general service price list.

Is Proxyline a Safe Service?

Proxyline has received many positive and negative reviews from various sources, which may raise questions about its safety and reliability. Inconsistency in reviews may be due to a number of factors. For example, positive reviews often come from anonymous, one-time accounts that may be linked to the company. Conversely, negative reviews can also originate from competitors or other sources.

To evaluate the service more deeply, it is essential to consider various aspects, including the popularity of the website. Proxyline’s website is considered popular based on metrics such as high traffic and external sites linking to it, which contribute to its overall rating.

Furthermore, Proxyline’s website has received positive technical feedback. They have implemented a valid SSL certificate to secure the exchange of information between the user’s computer and their website. The presence of an SSL certificate is often considered a positive sign of security. Additionally, the website’s domain name has been registered for a long time, demonstrating a commitment to maintaining the website over time.

In short, Proxyline can be a safe service provider. However, they may have limitations in terms of customer support, especially when problems arise. This potential gap in support may be a contributing factor to negative reviews. If you’re unsure about the service, you should start with the low-cost plans to evaluate its effectiveness before considering higher-priced options.

Alternatives to Proxyline

In addition to Proxyline, if you want to choose to rent a personal proxy or data center proxy, IPv4 proxy or IPv6 proxy, you can also refer to some more reliable proxy services below:

What services does Proxyline offer?

Proxyline offers proxy services with IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, including shared and individual proxies.

What are the security features of Proxyline?

Proxyline uses SSL/TLS encryption, a firewall, access control, and a privacy policy to protect its users.

Can I use Proxyline for online gaming and social media promotion?

Yes, Proxyline's proxies are suitable for online gaming, social media account promotion, SEO optimization, and more.

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