What is ProxySite? Outstanding Features of ProxySite


Today, anonymity and privacy are among the top priorities for many internet users. One solution that meets these needs is web proxies. In this article, we will explore ProxySite, a highly popular web proxy in the online world.

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What is ProxySite?

ProxySite is an online proxy website designed with features to help users browse the web anonymously or access blocked websites (whether due to internal network restrictions or geographical area). It achieves this by routing your connection through intermediary proxy servers located in countries like the US or Europe.


In other words, when you need to access a specific website through ProxySite, your access request will not be sent directly to that website’s server. Instead, this web proxy acts on your behalf and establishes a connection to the website, facilitating your interaction with it.

Operating Principles of ProxySite

The website operates as follows: when you make an access request, it is sent to ProxySite’s proxy server. The proxy server then encrypts and routes the information using SSL before sending the request to the desired website. Even when data is returned from that website, it passes through a proxy server before reaching your computer.

Through this process, your actual IP address remains hidden, allowing you to access websites that may be blocked in your location or country. Additionally, ProxySite’s use of the SSL security protocol ensures that all transmitted information is encrypted. This means that even if you visit your favorite website, whose owner does not support SSL security, your data remains protected and secure during transmission.

ProxySite’s Outstanding Features


Below are some remarkable features of ProxySite.

User-Friendly Interface

ProxySite boasts a user-friendly interface design, making it exceptionally easy to use. Even newcomers can quickly understand how to navigate it. To get started, simply input the web link you wish to access, select a proxy server, and click the “Go” button. ProxySite will instantly connect you to the desired website.

Access to Popular Websites

ProxySite also offers a variety of links to well-known websites and platforms like YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and more. This feature simplifies and expedites your access to these sites.

Bypass Geographic Restrictions

ProxySite’s robust server system allows it to circumvent many geographical restrictions and website filters on internal networks. This empowers you to effortlessly access blocked websites from any location, providing greater online freedom.

Anonymous Browsing and Privacy Protection

ProxySite ensures privacy protection, particularly useful in situations where you need to access blocked websites at work, school, or other restrictive environments. It enables anonymous web browsing, safeguarding your personal information. The service also offers quick website refreshes to enhance your browsing experience.

Enhanced Access Speed

ProxySite utilizes gigabit networks to enhance web access speeds, delivering a smoother and more efficient browsing experience. This results in faster loading times for websites and online content, saving you valuable time.

Global Access

With ProxySite, you have the ability to access the web from anywhere in the world. This means that you can connect and browse the web freely without being constrained by your geographical location. 

This service allows you to virtually enter other countries and access websites that may be blocked or restricted in your current location. You can surf the web as if you were in any country of your choice, broadening your access and online experience

Secure Data Transmission with SSL

ProxySite employs SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to secure the connection between your computer and the proxy server. SSL encrypts data before it’s sent from your computer to its destination on the network and decrypts it at the receiving end. This protocol ensures the protection of sensitive information, such as passwords, bank account details, and personal data, during transmission over the internet.

Numerous Server Options

ProxySite offers a wide selection of proxy servers, with many originating from the United States and Europe. You can choose from these servers to access websites in various foreign languages.

Limitations of ProxySite’s Web Proxy

In addition to its outstanding features, ProxySite’s free web proxy also has several limitations, as follows.

Slow Speed

Web access speed is slow, especially if you are located far from the web proxy’s servers. Page loading may take up to several tens of seconds. Additionally, limits on download speed can make it challenging to stream high-quality videos or view images through proxy servers.

Frequent Overloading

When too many people access the same server or website simultaneously, ProxySite’s proxy server may become overloaded. This can result in slow web access or difficulty connecting to the website.

If you intend to access multiple blocked websites simultaneously or require access to limited-edition products, a web proxy service may not be suitable. Using a paid proxy or VPN service is more appropriate for these situations.

It is not possible to encrypt all traffic

ProxySite uses SSL to encrypt traffic, but it does not encrypt all traffic. This means third parties may be able to see some information about users’ online activities, such as the websites they visit.

ProxySite VPN Service

In addition to the free web proxy service, ProxySite also offers a paid VPN service called Premium. This represents ProxySite’s premium offering. Instead of relying on a free web proxy, which may restrict access to certain websites and limit your operation to a web browser, the VPN service enables users to access multiple websites simultaneously, offering greater freedom and unrestricted browsing within the web browser.


Moreover, this service does not retain any activity logs, ensuring absolute safety and privacy for users. Notably, compared to free web proxy services, VPN services offer advanced security features that help protect your data from hackers. Currently, to utilize this service, you can choose from two payment options:

  • Monthly Payment: $9.99 USD per month
  • Annual Payment: $71.88 USD, equivalent to $5.99 USD per month


Overall, ProxySite’s free web proxy is a suitable option for users seeking access to blocked websites and privacy protection. However, it’s essential to be aware of the limitations of the free version to optimize your browsing experience.

How does ProxySite enhance online privacy?

ProxySite enhances online privacy by acting as an intermediary between your web activity and potential snoopers. It hides your IP address and allows you to browse the internet anonymously, preventing others from monitoring your online actions.

Is ProxySite safe to use?

ProxySite is generally considered safe to use. It employs SSL encryption to safeguard user data and has a strong reputation for reliability and security. Nevertheless, it's essential to understand that no web proxy service is entirely foolproof. For the highest level of protection, it's advisable to use a VPN or proxy service.

What are the two primary services offered by ProxySite?

ProxySite offers both a free web proxy service and a paid VPN option. The web proxy allows users to access restricted websites, while the VPN enhances online privacy and security.

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