Review Space Proxies 2023: Detail, Feature, Type and Pricing

Review Space Proxies 2023: Detail, Feature, Type And Pricing Space Proxies 8

Are you in search of a reliable proxy for purchasing limited edition sneakers? Perhaps you’re looking for a proxy service to assist you in buying products from different regions or want to maintain anonymity by masking your real IP address while shopping online. Space Proxies’ proxy service can fulfill these desires. Explore detailed information about our service below.

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Space Proxies: What is it?

Based in the United States, Space Proxies is a high-quality proxy service that specializes in providing various types of proxies to cater to diverse user needs. One of its standout offerings is proxy rental, particularly popular among sneaker enthusiasts and individuals looking to shop online without geographical restrictions.

Space Proxies

When you utilize Space Proxies’s services, your real IP address is concealed and replaced with an IP address provided by the service. This not only enhances your online privacy but also enables you to bypass geo-restrictions, granting you access to numerous online shopping sites, including popular sports shoe retail platforms like Finishline, Yeezy, Shopify, Footsites,etc.

Space Proxies maintains servers in over 175 countries, ensuring efficient and speedy access for users worldwide. With up to 100 GBPS of bandwidth, Space Proxies’ proxy servers excel at thwarting bots and ensure a 99.9% uptime rate. Additionally, they offer an automated captcha resolver that can streamline your payment process while safeguarding your anonymity.

Space Proxies’s Feature

To help you better understand, here is some information about the features of Space Proxies

Proxy Server Locations are Distributed Widely.

Space Proxies has placed its proxy servers in more than 175 different countries, a significantly large number compared to some other proxy rental services. With such a broad distribution of servers, users can expect improved web browsing speeds when using them. However, if you specifically require access in London or the United States, you should opt for this service’s ISP proxies.

High Anonymity

Space Proxies provides proxy IP addresses from reputable and legitimate sources. Using these IP addresses to browse the web will enable you to effectively anonymize your real IP address while appearing as a regular user on websites. This helps minimize the risk of detection and access blocking by websites.

High Connection Speed

Space Proxies boasts a bandwidth of up to 100 GBPS, ensuring their proxies offer lightning-fast connection speeds. This feature is invaluable in maintaining a consistently strong and stable connection, enabling efficient multitasking even during peak web traffic periods. Moreover, the swift connection speed proves advantageous when making time-sensitive purchases, such as limited edition sports shoes.


Space Proxies offer two distinct types of authentication. Residential proxies utilize username and password authentication, providing a user-friendly experience. On the other hand, data center/ISP proxies use IP authentication, necessitating specific device IPs for account access.

Client Assistance

Customer Service at Space Proxies is facilitated through Discord, a user-friendly platform that’s easy to join and navigate. On this platform, you can expect professional assistance from the company’s dedicated staff. What’s more, they are known for their swift responses and the provision of thorough and valuable information.

Type and Pricing Plans

Currently, Space Proxy offers many proxy product packages for users, including DC/ISP, Residential, Gmail, Captcha Proxy and Bulk Proxy. However, services like Gmail and Captcha Proxy are currently unavailable. Therefore, the content below will focus on evaluating the remaining 3 services.

DC/ISP Plans

This service package specializes in providing ISP proxy IP addresses. Essentially, ISP Proxies are IP addresses provided by internet service providers (e.g Verizon) but hosted on data centers. 

Compared to traditional IPs, these proxies have a more legitimate appearance, allowing them to function effectively on a wider range of websites and making them less prone to detection and blocking. ISP proxies can also be seen as a flexible intermediary option between data center proxies and residential proxies.  

Space Proxies

Therefore, when using Space Proxy’s service, you can still access websites to purchase sneakers. Within the DC/ISP Plans, you have the option to choose from three service plans: US Ticketing ISP/Retail ISP, US Premier ISP, and US Premier Daily. The most budget-friendly of these options is the US Premier Daily Plan, which provides users with a 24-hour proxy access.

The US Premier Daily Plan stands out with its impressive bandwidth speed of up to 20 Gbps, ensuring swift access to websites like AXS, Live Nation, Ticketmaster, Nike, Walmart, Footsites, and Shopify. This plan is perfect for users with short-term needs, starting at just $19 USD for a package of 25 proxies, valid for 24 hours.

Space Proxies

Both the US Ticket/Retail ISP and US Premier ISP packages are tailored to accommodate users with varying time requirements, offering plans for 1 week, 30 days, and 60 days. However, please note that the 1-week and 60-day plans for both services have been discontinued, leaving only the 30-day plan as an option. This plan offers proxy quantities ranging from 25, 50, 75, to 100 proxies, each with its unique pricing and advantages.

Space Proxies

The US Retail/Ticket ISP plan, for instance, comes at a lower cost but offers a limited bandwidth of just 10 Gbps per month and access to a restricted set of websites. Conversely, the US Premier ISP plan is priced higher but delivers faster bandwidth speeds of up to 20 Gbps per month, offering optimization for a wider range of websites.

For instance, with the US Retail/Ticket ISP plan, you can purchase 25 proxies for $55 per month. In contrast, if you opt for the US Premier ISP package, you will receive 25 proxies at a monthly cost of $75 USD. It’s important to note that all DC Plan/ISP plans feature IP addresses located in the United States, as this is the only available location for this service.

Residential Proxies Plans

Previously, the Residential Proxies Plan offered two smaller plans: Solar Residential Proxies and Lunar Residential Proxies. However, currently, only Solar Residential Proxies services are available on the Space Proxies website.

Regarding Solar Residential Proxies, this service provides a fully private residential proxy system, allowing for the use of individual and customized site groups. This ensures that you get the best proxy for your specific website needs. Furthermore, there is no limitation on the number of proxies available. Users can choose between static proxies and dynamic proxies from a system featuring over 100 million IP addresses from more than 175 countries, all provided by Space Proxies.

Space Proxies

Currently, Solar Residential Proxies offers two usage time options: 60 days and 3 days. The 60-day plan offers various bandwidth capacities, including 2GB, 3GB, 5GB, 10GB, 20GB, 50GB, and 100GB. The minimum price for this plan is $30 for 2GB.

The 3-day plan is suitable for those who are new to using proxies or want to experience Space Proxies’ services. This plan offers substantial capacity options, including 8GB, 12GB, 15GB, 20GB, 25GB, and 50GB. The minimum price is $80 for 8GB. Please note that both the 3-day and 60-day plans will remain active until their expiration date or until the allocated usage capacity is exhausted.

Bulk Proxies Plan

The Bulk Proxy plans offer ISP proxies and large residential proxies, catering to individual or business customers with substantial usage requirements, primarily designed for businesses.

Space Proxies

Currently, this plan exclusively works in conjunction with the Eclipse Resi service, serving businesses in need of high-bandwidth residential proxies. Bandwidth options available in this plan range from 150 GB to 300 GB, with prices starting at $975 for 150 GB. All capacity levels remain valid for 416 days or until the allocated traffic is depleted.

Limitations of Space Proxies

While Space Proxies offer numerous advantages, they do have some limitations, including:

  • Lack of Refund Support: Space Proxies does not provide a refund service.
  • Unpublished Residential Proxy Locations: The website does not disclose the specific locations for residential proxies, listing only 175 countries.
  • Limited ISP Proxy Server Locations: ISP proxy server locations are restricted to the United States or London only.
  • High Service Prices: The pricing of their services is relatively high.
  • Discontinued Pricing Plans: Some pricing plans for proxy services have been discontinued.

In summary

Space Proxies is a reliable and reputable sneaker proxy service known for its high-speed and stable performance. They offer a wide range of residential proxies from over 175 countries, with bandwidth speeds of up to 100 GBPS. However, it’s important to note that they lack a refund policy, and their service packages are relatively expensive. If your primary criteria are affordability or the availability of a refund policy, you may want to explore alternative proxy services.

How many protocols does Space Proxies support?

Space Proxies supports 4 protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5.

Does Space Proxies offer a free trial?

No, Space Proxies does not offer a free trial.

What types of proxies does Space Proxies offer?

Space Proxies offers a variety of proxy types, including residential proxies and ISP proxies, catering to different user needs.

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