What Changed After Leaf Proxies Merged with Oculus Proxies?

Leaf Proxies

According to the most recent update, Leaf Proxies has merged with Oculus Proxies, both of which are highly regarded sneaker rental proxy services today. So, after the merger, have there been any changes in their features or services? Let’s explore this in the following article.

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What are Leaf Proxies? Outstanding Features

Leaf Proxies is a well-known specialized proxy rental service within the sports shoe proxy industry. Founded in the United States, the company primarily relies on technology platforms provided by Google, including Google Cloud DNS, Google Global Site Tag, Google Cloud Platform, and Google Domains.

Leaf Proxies

This company has gained recognition in the sports shoe community due to its provision of sports proxies, boasting high connection success rates, stable access speeds, and a plethora of service packages to choose from. Moreover, Leaf Proxies boasts an extensive collection of residential IP addresses, with over 100 million residential IPs spanning across more than 40 countries worldwide.

Here are some key highlights of Leaf Proxies’ services:

  • A wide range of proxy package options: You can select daily, weekly, or monthly proxy packages to suit your needs.
  • Support for popular proxy protocols: HTTP(S) and SOCKS.
  • Authentication: Username/password and IP Authentication
  • Exceptional speed: The company meticulously selects its server locations to optimize proxy speeds.
  • Instant installation available: Convenient for those who prefer a hassle-free setup process.
  • Round-the-clock customer support: Accessible through multiple platforms, including an informative Discord channel.
  • Multiple locations available: With servers in both the UK and the US, you have the flexibility to choose the ideal proxy for your requirements.

What Types of Proxies Does Leaf Proxies Provide?

Leaf Proxies offers services tailored for both individual users and businesses. Currently, the company specializes in providing two popular types of proxies: residential proxies and ISP proxies.

Residential Proxies

Residential proxies utilize IP addresses from real users. When you use them, your actual IP address is anonymized, but you still appear as a genuine user on the websites you visit. This type of proxy is well-suited for tasks such as large-scale data scraping, price comparison, travel ticket price aggregation, SEO monitoring and SERP analysis, ad verification, sneaker bot usage, and more.

ISP Proxies

On the other hand, ISP(Internet Service Provider) Proxies is a proxy type provided by ISPs but hosted on data center servers. This unique proxy combines the speed of data center proxies with the specific-use cases of residential proxies. 

When you access any website or platform using an ISP Proxy, your IP address is considered legitimate. This type of proxy is often ideal for web testing, system testing, bypassing geo-restrictions, email protection, and running sneaker bots

What are Oculus Proxies? Outstanding Features

Similar to Leaf Proxies, Oculus Proxies is also a renowned sports proxy service in the global proxy community, particularly in the United States. One of its key strengths lies in the robust security of its proxies, offering users a safer and more anonymous browsing experience. Additionally, the service provides fast access speeds, boasting a bandwidth capacity of up to 100 Gbps.

Leaf Proxies

Currently, Oculus Proxies offers customers access to three types of proxies: residential proxies, data center proxies, and ISP proxies. They claim ownership of more than 40 million residential IP addresses, including over 15 million IPs dedicated to sneaker transactions. However, they do not disclose the exact IP locations for data center and ISP proxies.

Below, we outline some of the standout features of Oculus Proxies:

  • Security and Protection: Uses SSL encryption and dedicated proxy servers to safeguard data and hide IP addresses.
  • Speed: Fast connections with up to 100 Gbps bandwidth from dedicated servers.
  • Support for popular proxy protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5
  • Accessibility: Ability to access restricted websites in certain regions.
  • Authentication: Uses IP address-based authentication method.
  • Proxy Management: Easy management through an app or browser extensions.
  • Number of Proxy IPs: Over 40 million residential IPs, including 15 million for sneaker deals.
  • Authorization Server Location: Exact location not disclosed.
  • Fixed and Rotating Sessions: Choose session type based on your needs.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Provides round-the-clock support via email, Discord and Twitter with quick and accurate responses.

Leaf Proxies Merges with Oculus Proxies: What Has Changed?

The merger of Leaf Proxies into Oculus Proxies was officially announced on Leaf Proxies’s website. According to information provided by the administrators of Leaf Proxies, this merger represents a collaboration that aims to leverage the common knowledge and extensive experience of both leading companies in the proxy market to provide the best solutions and expertise.

Leaf Proxies

Currently, the only notable change is to Leaf Proxies’s web content, while Oculus Proxies’ interface content remains unaffected. Therefore, this merger may be more of an acquisition than a simple cooperation. So what can Leaf Proxies users expect to change? 

According to information available on the Leaf Proxies website, the following modifications will occur:

  • Leaf Proxies users will now login and operate through the Oculus Proxies website.
  • Users can continue to use the Leaf Proxies proxy service until their subscription expires.
  • Leaf Proxies users will receive a special 70% off coupon when purchasing any Oculus Proxies plan and will also be given a free 4GB residential plan credited to their Leaf Proxies user account on the Oculus dashboard. 

From the above announcement, it appears that this merger will not significantly impact existing Leaf Proxies users as they can use their proxy plans until their subscriptions expire. After that, they will also be supported in purchasing additional proxies from Oculus at extremely attractive discounts.

What Changes in Leaf Proxies’ New Pricing Plans?

Currently, Leaf Proxies’ website offers three pricing plans: Daily ISP Proxies, Residential Proxies, and ISP Proxies. These plans are directly linked to Oculus Proxies’ pricing packages.

Daily ISP Proxies

For Daily ISP Proxies, the pricing will be associated with the Oculus Servers web proxy service. Here, you can purchase a proxy IP located in Virginia (USA), and there are four service plans available, each valid for one month: Standard, Elite, Executive, and Godlike.

Leaf Proxies

Each package offers unlimited bandwidth and a 1Gbps uplink network connection speed. However, they differ in RAM capacity, the number of CPU cores, and SSD capacity. The most affordable plan is the Standard, priced at $80 per month, which includes 12GB RAM, 8 CPU cores, and a 60GB SSD.

Residential Proxies and ISP Proxies

For Residential Proxies and ISP Proxies, clicking the “Purchase” button will redirect you to Oculus Proxies’ pricing plans. Here, you can select from three Oculus Proxies service packages: Premium DC ISP Plans, Residential Plans, and Datacenter Plans.

Premium DC ISP Plans

This plan allows you to choose based on time periods (1 week, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months) and quantity (10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 400 proxies). Each plan varies in capacity, IP location, access speed, and intended use. The most affordable plan starts at $18 per week for 10 proxies.

Leaf Proxies

Residential Plans

Designed for different usage capacities, customers can choose from various levels (5GB, 10GB, 20GB, 50GB, 100GB, 200GB). Each plan is valid for 3 months, with the minimum price being $15 for 5GB over 3 months.

Leaf Proxies

Datacenter Plans

This plan is based on validity periods (1 week, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months) and proxy quantities (25 proxies, 50 proxies, 100 proxies, 200 proxies, 400 proxies). The lowest price is $10 per week for 25 proxies.

Leaf Proxies

In Conclusion

In summary, the merger of Leaf Proxies into Oculus Proxies may not significantly impact the rights of Leaf Proxies users. However, the management and purchase of proxies might be affected as buyers will need to become familiar with the new pricing plans and the process of purchasing and payment.

What services does Leaf Proxies offer?

Leaf Proxies offers residential proxies and ISP proxies.

What sets Leaf Proxies apart from other proxy providers?

Leaf Proxies stands out for its high connection success rates, stable access speeds, and a diverse range of residential IP addresses.

How does Leaf Proxies' merger with Oculus Proxies affect users?

Users will access Leaf Proxies through the Oculus Proxies website, but existing subscriptions remain valid. Users also receive discounts and incentives when purchasing from Oculus Proxies.

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