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GetNada Email Temporary 10 Minutes

Why Use 10 Minutes Mail instead of regular email?

Many of us have faced the need to quickly create an email address to receive correspondence or get access to a website that requires registration. However, it takes

How to hide your email and avoid spam

Often, in order to access information on sites offering goods and services, you must register with an email address and other personal information. Also, such requirements exist when subscribing to information

Why you need an anonymous 10 Minutes Mail

The issue of anonymity worries a lot of people today. Regardless to the country, that you live in, for sure, you are using some VPN-services or proxies to surf the Internet. Such technologies allow you to feel more

10 Minutes Mail as a marketing tool

A temporary email address is more than an effectual counter to spam and a solid defense of personal data. Our service also comes with powerful marketing functions. Using 10 Minutes Mail for business will

10 Minutes Mail - Best Spam Protection

Every active Internet user knows what spam is. Annoying mailings from the services that you once registered with, really prevent you from calmly using your email address. Still, once specifying your real mail...

10 Minutes Mail - Browser Extension for Chrome, Firefox & Opera

Autonomy is necessary for all users. That is the main reason why we present to you the 10 Minutes Mail extension, which will allow to greatly simplify and speed

To use the API to create and read mail, please contact: [email protected]

10 Minute Email Free

1. How temporary email works?

When you register to the service, we give you a temporary email address, use this temporary email when registering to untrusted web sites. This way the site will send spam to your temporary email address, while your real address stays safe.

2. Introduction to temp mail services.

nada is a temp mail or temporary email service, as such it enables the use of temporary addresses which users can copy paste why registering to untrusted websites.

3. In which cases you should not use temp mail?

Don't use our service for important stuff. That means anything you will be really sorry about if this inbox stops working or doesn't receive incoming mails. Do not use this service for banking, buying cryptocurrencies, registering to services you use daily and anything use will need later really.

4. Is my anonymity guaranteed

We do every effort to protect your anonymity and do not collect or log any personal details. However, do not use or abuse this service for illegal activities. This service is for personal use only and for legal use only, please read the terms and conditions carefully before using it.

GetNada Temporary Email Address

1. Temporary email, great, but for how long?

Mailboxes are not deleted and can be used for as long as the domain is active. We do recycle domains from time to time and will give you a notice of one month before we do, make sure you transfer your inbox to a new domain before we shut down the old one. Individual messages are deleted after 7 days.

2. Who are we?

We are the original creators of AirMail service, which as of today processed more than 2 billion email messages.We know how to operate a temporary email service and give our users complete privacy and anonymity and keep their inboxes safe from unwanted emails.

Introduction to GetNada

GetNada is an extremely useful temporary email service, allowing users to create a 10-minute email swiftly. It's typically used once to avoid spam, protect user privacy, and personal information when registering or using online services.

1. What is a email temps?

A temporary email, also known as an anonymous email or one-time use email, is a service that allows users to generate a valid email address in a short span of time. As the name suggests, this email address only exists for a specific duration, typically 10 minutes, after which it is automatically deleted.

2. How does a email temps work?

When users access GetNada, the system automatically creates a temporary email address. During the email's lifespan, users can receive emails, attachments, or even register for online services. However, after this period expires, the email and all related data are removed from the system, ensuring privacy and security.

3. Why should you use a email temps?

Avoid spam

Ever been annoyed by the overflowing junk mail in your primary inbox? Using a temporary email helps eliminate this concern. You won't have to worry about receiving spam or promotional emails when registering for online services anymore.

Protect your privacy

In today's digital world, protecting personal information is vital. Temporary email addresses have become the perfect solution for those who don't want to expose their real email addresses when participating in online activities.

Quick online service registration

Want to sign up for online services via email, but don't want to use your real email or don't have one? With just a few simple steps on GetNada, you can create a temporary email and use it to swiftly register for the online services you desire.


The best thing about temporary emails is their convenience. No need to sign up, no time wasted. With just a click, you have a brand-new email address at your disposal.

4. How to create a email temps?

After accessing, you only need to perform a few simple tasks, specifically entering your desired email name, choosing a domain, and clicking on "create mail". You will have successfully created a temporary email for your use.

5. Conclusion

In this digital and informational age, protecting personal information and steering clear of unwanted spam has become crucial. GetNada not only provides you with a convenient and quick temporary email solution but also helps you maintain privacy and safety when navigating the online world.

In this digital and informational age, protecting personal information and steering clear of unwanted spam has become crucial. GetNada not only provides you with a convenient and quick temporary email solution but also helps you maintain privacy and safety when navigating the online world.

Moreover, with GetNada, you don't have to worry about personal information being exposed or misused. All data and information on the temporary email are automatically deleted after the usage time ends, ensuring no remnants remain.

Thus, if you're seeking a simple, quick, and secure temporary email solution, don't hesitate to try GetNada today!

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